Ketu Kaala Deepam to remove obstacles

Every planet in every day has it’s ruling time. Ravi, Chandra, Kuja, Budha, Guru, Sukra and Sani planets will have it’s Hora timings. During the particular planet rules at a particular time. It is other wise called a ‘Hora Time’.ketu kaala deepam

Like wise Rahu also has its ruling time. It is called a Rahukalam. Like wise Ketu also has its own time but it is not in light. No one starts any ventures, or travels or any other matters during this period as Rahu Kalam as it will give negative effects. To nullify the negative effects of Rahu, antecedents quote if lighting a deepa at the point of Rahu Kalam in a Goddess deity temple,the negative effects will be nullified. By lighting a deepa in Rahu kalam, the native will get the blessings of Goddess Kanakadurga.

To guard the negative effects of Rahu kalam, the only one who could effectively nullify the negative effects of Rahu is Lord Maha Ganapati. If we light a deepam at the foot of Lord Maha Ganapati, all negative effects will be nullified. Progress can be seen and things will be fulfilled. The natives who are under the evil influence of Rahu can do so to wipe off the negative effects of Rahu.

Those natives who are suffering with more difficulties due to the effect of evil effects of other plants, the only solution available is to light a lamp at the foot of Maha Ganapati on Sunday and Wednesday. The pratima and deepam should be placed on dharba(grass) for more positive results.

This is KETU KAALA DEEPAM and should be lit during Durmuhurtham timing on those days (sunday and wednesday) which can be found from this table.
Durmuhurtam is calculated usually based on Sunrise time but in general, assuming that sunrise happens around 6 AM, check this table :

16.00 AM TO 16.48 HRS
12.00 HRS TO 12.48 HRS

08.00 HRS TO 08.48 HRS &

23.00 HRS TO 23.48 HRS

11.00 HRS TO 11.48 HRS

09.30 HRS TO 10.15 HRS &

14.30 HRS TO 15.15 HRS

08.00 HRS TO 08.48 HRS
07.30 HRS TO 09.00 HRS
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