Retrograde Neptune Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Neptune Retrograde happens once a year for about 160 days, while it is direct with Sun. Retrograde Neptune effects can internalize your fears and anxieties by stripping away the illusions, dreams and false realities that have clouded your vision. The destruction of your fantasy world will show those harsh realities you wanted to avoid at some stage in the past.
Retrograde Neptune Effects

During retrograde, Neptune will give a new relationship or a critical event can trigger an old or past life memory of pain. Neptune rules self-sacrifice, victimization, false accusation, scandal and slander. Neptune retrograde can show the source of the pain from which you sought to escape. You may then feel humiliated, betrayed, scared, anxious or guilty.
The internalizing influence of retrograde motion means you may spend more time worrying about yourself and your problems. Self pity, social anxiety or depression could lead to withdrawal and loneliness.
Neptune retrograde is the ideal time for spiritual self-development. Self help books or counselling may help but other tools include meditation, Yoga, Tarot, astrology, swimming and a healthy, toxin free diet.

People born with Neptune being retrograde in natal chart are introspective and inclined to evaluate and reflect upon their intuitive, emotional feelings.
These people need not display their virtues before the world to avoid resentment and need to be selfish in this respect.
Deceptive and mysterious circumstances often require a constant revision and revaluation of psychological attitudes.
They are psychic and their idle day dreaming can keep them away from materialism.
They are able to put forward a new hypothesis by revitalizing old beliefs and by launching counter reformation of simplicity, when religion becomes more ritualistic.
If there is an adverse aspect of Venus on retrograde Neptune, these individuals find pleasure in secret vices by involving in sexual activities and fancies in their mind.

Neptune Retrograde Effects and Past Life Karmic Connection

Extreme creativity and a penchant for escapism have always gotten the best of you if Neptune retrograde is in your chart.
Perhaps you have a long history of alcohol or drug abuse or you are constantly trying to free yourself of ties with stark and unpleasant moments in reality.
Needless to say, you will not develop personally, spiritually or astrologically if you are dependent on substances outside yourself. To rise above these challenges you must take control of your creativity and push it toward its tremendous potential.
Take a look outside yourself and your own issues; consider helping others as a way to get outside your own problems.
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