Retrograde Pluto Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Retrograde Pluto effects happens once a year for about 5-6 months. Pluto is the exalted level of Mars and indicates unpredictability, force, treachery, combat, opposition, fears of being displaced (jealous), ruthlessness, and opportunism.
Pluto Retrograde effects makes us reassess what we are doing to prepare for our future. This is the time when external pressures interfere; when devastation, hard issues and restoring things again are the order of the day.
Retrograde Pluto Effects

If you are born with Pluto Retrograde in birth chart, then during transit pluto retrograde, you will feel as if people are trying to bring you down.
If you are living your life carelessly and you haven’t made amends for the things that you have done wrong, Pluto retrograde effects will make you payback heavily.
Fresh starts and dead ends accompany Pluto’s retrograde stage. The things that we hang onto most tightly can suddenly be taken away. Pluto’s retrograde is also a time of destruction and rebuilding, rejuvenation and regeneration. We may be forced to reevaluate the things we value most. Heavy forces that are outside of an individual’s control are at play, including war, weapons and government upheaval.
With Pluto in retrograde in your birth chart, it’s all an issue of control. Depending on the circumstances, you may find yourself in the grip of someone else’s whim, feeling taken advantage of or manipulated. On the other end of the spectrum, you could be the person in the throne using your own power to destroy others and, ultimately, yourself and your world. Either way, the abuse of power is a very large issue for people born with a Pluto retrograde in their chart.

People born with Pluto being retrograde in natal chart are very secretive and mysterious.
They are often anarchists and represent a race which rebel against the tradition and become the cause of collapse of established norms.
Their efforts of self improvement are not obvious, but none the less they are active below the surface.

Pluto Retrograde Effects and Past Life Karmic Connection

With Pluto retrograde in your chart, you know what it means to be ostracized from the flock. At some point in your history you were forced to be the scapegoat for the community and you stood alone for bad deeds that perhaps you didn’t even commit.
You are familiar with being the apple of the public’s eye one moment and then defending yourself tooth and nail the next.
This experience has left you very untrusting of the world around you.
Remember that nothing in the universe occurs in a vacuum and that all bodies are connected.
Therefore, if you don’t trust in others you are also not trusting yourself.
Believe in the people who have power over you, as they are sincerely looking out for your best interests.