Retrograde Uranus Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Uranus Retrograde happens once a year for about six months. Retrograde Uranus effects are the changes that are INTERNAL, not external. When it stations direct, you can then make the external changes.
Uranus shakes things up for us when it goes retrograde, but it starts to do so in a very pushy way. It pushes us to dig deep in and really face the problems and the roadblocks that have impeded our progress. It forces us to re-evaluate our values and priorities.
Retrograde Uranus Effects

During retrograde, Uranus will push the pending problem on to our face and ask us to solve it.
There is no way to escape, other than tackle it.
If Uranus is in retrograde, we should expect the unexpected. Surprises pop out from every corner and this can be either marvelous or startling, depending on the situation. Uranus is the Wild Card of the Planets; it can bring drastic whims and shifts that amaze and bemuse. A Uranus retrograde could bring unexpected effects that could yield the complete opposite or even no change at all. During this time, chaos may be present either externally in the outside world or internally within the individual.

People born with Uranus being retrograde in natal chart will find old unfinished business coming up for review suddenly and unexpectedly.
These individuals are highly creative, imaginative, intuitive, rebellious and individualistic to work for themselves.
They criticize others. For personal identification and ego satisfaction, they do most humanitarian deeds.
These people are often inimical to their well wishers and friendly to others. Worst part of their psychology is their self-destructive tendency, inclination to regard themselves as unappreciated and constantly pickup quarrels with others to reform.
They are the most uncompromising, unadjustable individuals, trying to act as if reforming others, but not themselves.

Uranus Retrograde Effects and Past Life Karmic Connection

In the lives before this one you were a rebel or a revolutionary. You’ve always been an anarchist fighting the establishment; if there’s a battle, you’re there. Though this lifestyle has its merits, it can be pushed to the extreme. Your revolutionary lifestyle has always interfered with or perhaps even destroyed many other facets of your life.
You must learn that giving an inch can sometimes gain you a mile. Keep fighting an honorable fight, but as long as Uranus is in retrograde in your chart you need to master the lesson of compromise and, occasionally, conformity. Take a moment to appreciate the useful aspects of structure.
Save your battles only for the occasions when it is necessary, not simply for the sake of rebellion or for a good fight.