Saturn’s Transit in constellations (or) stars – Effects

Saturn’s Transit in different constellations (nakshatras) – Vedic Astrology Effects on Janma Nakshatra
Saturn transit effects in nakshatras

Know your janma nakshatra or birth star (constellation) in Vedic Astrology, before proceeding to read and apply this article.
Then know the current transit position (nakshatra) of Saturn (Sani).
For example : During 2020, Saturn transits Uttarashada nakshatra for almost entire year.
So, if your janma nakshatra is Bharani (born with moon in bharani), then count from Bharani till Uttarashada, which comes to 20.
So, Saturn is effecting Stomach, which gives attraction of opposite sex, fulfillment of desires, comforts.
Also we need to consider strength of Saturn in ashtakavarga chart.
Sani with less than 3 points in a particular sign in its ashatavarga chart indicates troubles during that transit.

Saturn transiting in their star constellations(nakshatras) from your birthstar will produce these results:

  • 1 (birth star) – effect on face – depression
  • 2,3,4,5 stars – right hand – peace,harmony,comforts
  • 6,7,8 stars – right leg – travel, strain
  • 9,10,11 stars – left leg – loss, accidents
  • 12,13,14,15 stars – left hand – raise in income,profession
  • 16,17,18,19,20 stars – stomach – attraction of opposite sex,fulfillment of desires,comforts
  • 21,22,23 stars – head – happiness,peaceful life
  • 24,25 stars – eyes – comforts, harmony,peaceful life
  • 26,27 stars – buttocks – fear of loss, fear from enemies,death etc.

Count starting from your birthstar and check the results.