Selfie Style of 12 Zodiac Moon Signs

selfie style zodiacTaking Selfies and instant sharing in social networking sites is common now in the era of Smart Phones.
Each Zodiac sign uses camera in a different way and Selfie style vary according to Moon Sign and Ascendant.
While Arians can take selfies showing their authority or power, Leos can be dramatic and Pisceans Lazy.

Selfie Style of 12 Zodiac Moon Signs & Ascendants

Aries : They take selfies which display authority and power. Rarely we get to see a smiling arian with friends or family in a casual situation.
Most of them pose like politicians or bureaucrats.

Taurus : They love nature, humans, objects, minute details, colors etc.
They prefer taking selfies in a luxurious environment.

Gemini : They love selfies during family get-togethers, with friends and with background of nature.
They can be creative, sarcastic and use the available devices like selfie sticks.

Cancer : Family is their priority and their regular selfies are with kids or during occassions of family outings at a restaurant.

Leo : Dramatic is the word which can best describe their selfie style. There is a strong likelihood of them posting selfies which have a regal expression. Although very creative, they may not have the same amount of courage to show it in your pictures.
They play safe with pictures where your diplomatic expressions stand out.

Virgo : Perfect selfies with best angles are taken by the Virgos.
Their selfies will be liked by all, and they do have a meaning.

Libra : They strike ideal balance in between expressions, number of faces, background etc.
Never an over dose can be expected from a Libran.
They have a strong sense of proportion and an eye for beauty.

Scorpio : There is a strong air of mystery in their selfies. They are interested in the secrets the lookers are hiding. As they understand deepest of emotions, their selfies can also portray expressions that are complex to decipher.

Sagittarius : A bright smile and oodles of optimism is reflected in their selfies. There can be some which look excitingly adventurous too. They are likely to be very conscious about the details. Also, of all the signs, sagittarians tend to be the most critical about the concept.

Capricorn : Responsible, steady gaze, passport photo pose are best described attributes about selfie style of capricorns.
Their best selfie would be the one where they look grounded, practical and one who has an impact on the society.

Aquarius : Futuristic, inventive and eccentric are words that can best describe aquarian selfie style. Humanitarian at heart, their selfies can reflect some amount of solitude as well. Being research oriented, their selfies keep undergoing a transformation from time to time.

Pisces : Ambitious, dreamy, mysterious, creative, imaginative is selfie style of Pisceans.
Selfies where they look deceptive may be their favourite. The Dual Fish tend to prefer outdoor locations most times.

Above selfie style psychology applies to both Ascendants (Rising Signs / Lagna) or Moon Signs.

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