How Zodiac Signs fare in Phone Conversations & Social Networking

phone conversations of zodiac signsIn a world where communication happens more over telephone or mobile phone, let us see how people born in each moon sign of zodiac fare in phone conversations.
This also involves how they prefer to communicate : Phone calls, text messages, emails, social networking, chatting etc.

Aries: If it’s a husky voice that oozes sensuousness, if the person on the other end says a hello and quickly follows it up with three damn good adjectives about you, it has to be an Arian. These folks know how to floor people with just a mouthpiece and a earphone. However, take all that they say with a pinch of salt!
But, usually they don’t check frequently for missed calls, text or voice messages and reply or call back.
Most of them think social networking and internet is useless but won’t agree to the fact that they don’t know how to use them effectively.

Taurus: Taureans are formal and tacit. They never overdo it. For them Graham Bell’s invention is for emergencies and to communicate fact X from Point A to Point B. They will never talk to you for more than three minutes. Should there be something important, they are bound to say, “not on the phone please, lets meet“.
Don’t expect all of them to check for missed calls, text or voice messages and reply or call back.
They have limited usages of social networking like facebook, chat apps and have very limited number of friends in list.

Gemini:Hello, is this 564783 please. May I talk to …..’” Geminis don’t and can’t act friendly on the telephone. They are matter of fact and to the point. Not that they don’t like to talk a lot, but they think telephones are emergency gadgets and not for two-hour rambling. They sound boring, but that’s how they are.
They usually call back asap and also reply to text or voice messages.
They keep posting silly opinions on social networking sites to which they usually don’t get much response.

Cancer: Always write your Cancerian friend’s name right on top of your telephone book so you can call them to take dispassionate advice. Yes, these folks are great tele counsellors and talking to them during a crisis can be of great help. They are helpful, not necessarily entertaining.
But they can forget about appointments they give on phone and usually do not call back, unless they need some information from you.
They are most silent sign when it comes to online interaction. So, dont expect a lot from them.

Leo: They can talk for hours, give you the latest gossip, crack some wild jokes and get away with it. Their exuberance is evident even in their conversations. Should you be feeling down and out, call them. Their pep talk and outrageous suggestions are bound to put a smile on your lips, if not leave you in splits.
They have too many on contacts list and sometimes it gets difficult to callback or text-back everyone.
The best way to get their attention is to post something on their wall and they will quickly reply or react (can even delete and ban you ! )

Virgo: Virgos also revel in telephone conversation because they love impersonal conversations.
Infact, Virgos can even reveal their deep, dark secrets to a stranger on the telephone. So in a way they are interesting. Who doesn’t want to know some deep, dark secrets!
They are more work minded and cannot handle phone and work at same time. So do not expect them to call back during work, but they will try to text you atleast.
They do social networking for their own selfish benefit and do not care about your updates.
All they want is, everyone to comment/like their updates.

Libra: Librans are a pleasure on the telephone. Soft spoken and with a golden laugh, they can actually calm your nerves and make you feel embarrassed for being loud. Talk to them if you have a problem and their silky smooth voice is enough to soothe you.
Most of them will pick up your call even while driving or in emergency.
For them, someone calling them is their chance to exhibit their popularity in public.
They prefer phones or meeting in public rather than secret emails or chats.

Scorpio: Matter of fact is an understatement with Scorpios. Even if you just returned from an exotic expedition, when Scorpios call, they will simply say, “Hello, how are you. I hope your trip was good. I called to say that’.
Scorpios will answer more to text messages than missed calls.
They prefer writing more than speaking, so chat or email is best way to reach them.
They do not have a taste for phones and usually buy phones that quickly get damaged or outdated.
However, they can be quickly reached via emails or social networking, where they are hyper-active.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians are loyal callers. If you are off on a summer holiday and causally tell them ‘call me sometime‘ they will literally do that. They will call you wherever you are. Also, when in trouble remember to give them your number. They will call religiously to check your safety.
They do social networking or have an email ID just because everyone has it and its a social norm.
They hardly make use of it to reach out people or search for lost friends.

Capricorn: Even a telephonic conversation is a big task for them. They write down the caller’s name and number, sit down and call up to talk. You can never catch them talking while they are reading or watching television. Calls are sacred for them.
They prefer meeting in person first, calling second and texting as last option.
Forget about internet while dealing with capricorns.

Aquarius: If you want somebody to break bad news on the telephone, delegate that task to these guys. Aquarians are smooth talkers and can handle telecrisis well. In other words, if your boss is yelling on the phone, let the Aquarians handle it. They will do it beautifully.
They tend to develop this ring-o-mania and keep checking their phone frequently for missed calls or text messages.
If they have a facebook account, they keep updating with pictures and expect everyone to like them.

Pisces: If you can catch Pisceans at the right time of the day, that is late afternoon, you can hope for a feel-good conversation. They are good at displaying their emotions. So if they feel happy for you they will display it. In short, they are nice to talk to, in the conventional sense.
If you leave a voice message or just a missed call, then don’t expect them to call back unless they feel you are an important person to them. Your purpose is not important to them.
They don’t prefer social networking online, chatting or phone conversations with you unless they like you.
Usually they’re either busy reading, writing, travelling or dreaming. So do not expect them to respond soon.