Mango Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits, Home Made Recipes

Mango Medicinal UsesMango Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits, Home Made Natural Recipes to avoid sun stroke, excess body heat, Diarrhea, Indigestion, Ring Worm, Cracked Heels, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Increase Sperm Count, Piles, Anaemia etc.
Mango, the King of Fruits is a juicy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera. It is fleshy fruit with little fiber and sweet like sugar. Mango gets it’s flavor because of volatile organic chemicals like lactone, ester, terpene, and furanone classes.
It is edible, delicious and healthy.Indian Mango Botanical name is “Mangifera Indica” and is most commonly grown variety.It is known as “Aam” in Hindi, “Mangguo” in chinese, “Manju” in Arabic, “Manga” in portugese and “Amra” in sanskrit, and known as Mango in most of the countries.

Mango Medicinal Uses

Mango originated in India,thousands of years back and widely cultivated in south Asian countries like Srilanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Burma.
It is Rich in carbohydrates and contains vitamin C, E, K, B5, B6, B9.
It also contains minerals potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It provides 60 Kcal energy per 100 grams of fruit approximately.
People get tired in summer due to extreme heat.Mango is nature’s gift to us for solving this problem. In India people use mango leaves to decorate their doors during festivals. This is done because, the air of these leaves kills germs in air and in human body. Contagious diseases spread quickly in large gatherings. Garlands made of mango leaves prevent this risk.
Mango decreases the aggravated Vata and Pitta doshas in our bodies.

Mango Medicinal Usages & Health Benefits

  • Take few young tender Mango leaves and crush with water. Boil this to make decoction. Gargling with lukewarm decoction cures toothache, bleeding and swollen gums.
  • Chewing tender mango leaves and slowly swallowing juice cures sore throat and inflamed vocal cards.
  • Mango bark is good remedy for Diarrhea. Crush some mango bark and extract it’s juice. Drinking this frequently will cure diarrhea and indigestion.
  • Powder dry mango bark. Consuming 3 grams twice a day will give relief from diarrhea.
  • Make an ointment by grinding mango tree gum with lemon juice. Apply this to cure skin diseases like ring worm and itching.
  • Apply Mango gum on cracked heels and expose them to heat. It gives relief from pain.
  • Crush equal quantities of mango seeds pulp and turmeric powder. Apply this on cracked soles to cure them.
  • Anti oxidants present in mango prevent leukemia, colon, prostate and breast cancers. Also it lowers cholesterol levels.
  • Apply mango pulp on face to get rid of pimples and acne.
  • Boil Mango leaves overnight and let it cool. Consuming filtered decoction in the morning helps managing diabetes.
  • The enzymes present in mango helps in braking the protien in the body. The fiber in the fruit improves digestion and excretion.
  • Vitamin A present in the Mango fruit improves eye sight and prevents night blindness. It also helps fight heat stroke.
  • Mango usage strengthens kidneys, heart, brain, lungs, and urinary tract. It also improves sperm count.
  • Take Root of Trianthema Portulacastrum or Trianthema decandra (Tella galijeru in telugu) and root of mango tree in equal quantities and grind them together. Add ghee to this mix and consume twice a day cures piles.
  • The pulp of the ripe fruit taken regularly along with sweetened milk is a natural help in increasing the hemoglobin levels and reducing Anaemia.
  • Being rich in vitamin A, mango fruit is a boon for the eyes. Regular intake during its season will boost eye sight and also store enough vitamin A for rest of the year.
  • Ripe Mango fruit strengthens the heart and relieves from palpitations.
  • The juice that oozes when mango fruit is plucked from the tree, can be applied on the site of a sting to relieve pain and the kernel should be rubbed to undo the toxicity.
  • As a home remedy for diarrhea, the kernel of the mango fruit may be roasted. This is to be taken with lemon juice and black salt. Also, powder prepared from the dried flowers of the mango tree is useful in case of chronic diarrhea or dysentery.
  • The liquid extract from the bark of the tree is used to cure some of the women ailments like leucorrhoea and heavy bleeding.

Home Made Recipes with Mango

Raw Green Mango Juice to reduce Body Heat & avoid Sun Stroke : Boil pulp of raw green mangoes with some water and add some candy sugar to it.
After cooling down, store it in refrigerator and consume 200 ml twice a day.
This will reduce excess heat in body during summer and also prevent sun stroke, dehydration etc.

Mango Lassi : Peel the mangoes and chop them. In a blender or mixer, puree the mangoes with sugar or honey and cardamom powder or saffron or rose water.
Now add the chilled curd/yogurt and cream and some ice cubes.
Blend for some seconds till the everything is mixed well and the yogurt has become smooth.
Pour mango lassi in glasses and serve garnished with mint leaves or cubes of mango.

Mango pickles are famous all over India and they can be stored for more than an year.
Pregnant Woman must consume one or two Mango fruits per day during its season to get all necessary nutrients for child.

Side Effects of Mango Fruit : Consuming mangoes in large quantities can cause over heat, stomach ache, flatulence and flum.
Consuming either milk, ghee, butter milk, cold water, dried ginger powder, pepper, salt, or Himalayan pink salt will cure these symptoms.