Transit Mars in Aspect to Natal Pluto

Natal Pluto is the sign where your Pluto was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Pluto in Virgo, then your natal house is Virgo (Kanya Rasi) and during transit, MARS forming conjunction (in Virgo), sextile (aspect of 60° which are Cancer and Scorpio in this case), square (aspect of 90° which are Sagittarius and Gemini here), trine (aspect of 120° which are Capricorn and Taurus here), opposition (aspect of 180° which is Pisces here) are discussed in this article.
Conjunction is transiting through same sign as in birth chart, sextile is transiting 3rd or 11th house, trine is transiting 5th or 9th house, opposition is transiting 7th house from natal sign.
Generally, Mars conjunct Pluto leads to violent behavior, radical thinking, desire for freedom and breaking rules, sudden and abrupt changes.
MARS transit Natal Pluto

Transit Mars Conjunct Natal Pluto : The native is unable to control violent and disruptive energy to fulfil his ambition.
This is an excellent transit for any kind of hard work for changes in one’s life. A good transit for secret researchers, investigators and scientists particularly those who work in atomic energy departments.
A favourable time for dealing with Corporate business, goods of the dead, insurances and taxes.
The native may exhibit leadership in business and scientific enterprises. Native wants to get rid of old and worn out techniques in each and every affair of life. If this transit is afflicted then there may be danger of death or physical injury in anarchic or war like conditions.

Transit Mars Sextile Natal Pluto : Desire for action and active will power characterise this transit. The native zealously decides important goals of his life. Native is usually engaged in group endeavours, cooperative efforts and in scientific and occult investigations. Has constructive ideas for
corporate business. The native is full of energy and loves projects requiring strenuous physical exertion.

Transit Mars Square Natal Pluto : Power struggles, disagreements, coercive actions and impulsive behaviour characterise this transit. Native’s dominating attitudes arouse great opposition, disagreements, resentment and mistrust in relationships or conflicts over joint finances, inheritances, and insurances.
He/She may try to make forced sexual relations and may have to face violence. The native is likely to be involved in power struggle and he should avoid connections with criminals and under world for the sake of power, otherwise he is likely to be victim of violence.
The above mentioned tendencies are accentuated if Mars is also square Pluto in the natal chart.

Transit Mars Trine Natal Pluto : Intensified ambitions and Will power and leadership qualities in welfare of others characterise this transit. The native energetically and constructively finds ways to achieve his long range goals.
Besides being working for their own good, native also works towards social cause and for the disadvantaged.
A good time to solve problems related to joint finances, insurances and inheritances.
The native zealously engages in physical and spiritual improvement.
This transit can bring big gains in scientific and technological research.

Transit Mars Opposition Natal Pluto : Unethical oppositions, violent temper, conflicts and autocratic attitudes characterise this transit. Frictions are very common under this transit.
There can be conflicts over professional affairs, corporate money, insurances, taxes and alimony. The native may be engaged in occult practices to control others.
Also may be subjected to sexual jealousy, uncontrolled sex impulses and dangers due to such acts.
Should avoid taking part in mob activities as they can be victim of violence.