Ashtakavarga Analysis – Transit Results of Planets

This assessment of transit of a planet with respect to 7 planets and Ascendant is known as Ashtakavarga. If Saturn is in benefic places from five or more natal positions then it is benefic in transit. And if Saturn is in 4 or less benefic places then it is bound to give malefic results in proportion to less benefic places.
Ashtakavarga Table

Ashtakavarga means combination of eight ie. combination of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn the Ascendant. Rahu and Ketu are not taken into consideration.
Let us take an example of the Sun in natal chart. Sun in transit gives benefic results in 1,2,4,7,8,9,10,11 signs from his natal sign. Similarly other planets give benefic results in certain signs from natal Sun sign.
In the same way various planets give benefic results from various natal planets.
How much is the beneficence of a particular planet in a particular sign, is called ‘Bhinna Ashtakava varga (BAV)‘.
When various planets collectively provide beneficence to a sign or house is called ‘Samudaya or Sarva Ashtakava varga (SAV)‘.
Natural malefic planets like Mars and Saturn have total of less than or around 40 in SAV as they deliver maximum malefic results through karma.
Jupiter, Venus can go above 50.

Dots of the Sun and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Death of the native or great insult.
  2. Disease and worry.
  3. Evil deeds_, opposition from government and insult
  4. Problems in journeys, mental and physical troubles
  5. Expenses with income, both malefic and benefic result
  6. Gains, company of gentlemanly people and education
  7. Increase in luck, prestige, position and conveyances
  8. Honour, courage, fame, comforts and brilliance.
  9. Honours and governemental grace.

Dots of the Moon and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Great troubles, miseries, death and poverty.
  2. Sudden adversity and dangers.
  3. Loss of wealth, quarrel with wife and separation from friends.
  4. Quarrels in general.
  5. Indifferent attitude and mixed results.
  6. Comforts, peace and religious attitude.
  7. Learning of mantras, company of gentlemen and attainment of luxuries.
  8. Luxurious life and attainment of all comforts.
  9. All kinds of comforts, public acknowledgement, exalted fame and influence.

Dots of Mars and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Trouble in eyes , unconsciousness and death.
  2. Hurt from weapon, fever and small pox.
  3. Quarrels over wealth and property.
  4. Physical weakness, aimless wandering and calamities.
  5. Mixed results.
  6. Judicious behaviour and treatment.
  7. Honours from the State.
  8. Prosperity to brothers and gains from them.
  9. Gain of house, property and success over enemies.

Dots of Mercury and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Great losses and death.
  2. Troubles from enemies.
  3. Disproportion of wind, bile and phlegm and diseases.
  4. Mental distress.
  5. Indifferent attitude.
  6. Affections from relatives and friends.
  7. Exposition of wisdom and conquest.
  8. Plenty of wealth, sharp intellect, pursuits of education and yajnas.
  9. All kinds of comforts, public acceptance and high position.

Dots of Jupiter and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Death of progeny, calamities, penniless and crookedness.
  2. Loss of wealth
  3. Troubles from govenrment and problems for kids
  4. Mixed financial results
  5. Success in endeavours
  6. Increase of all comforts
  7. Peace and increase of comforts from progeny.
  8. Acquisition of State honour and power.

Dots of Venus and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Troubles from all sides and calamities
  2. Phelgmatic complaints and diseased wife
  3. Trouble from wife and diseases
  4. Unhappy relations with friends and neighbours
  5. Mixed Results
  6. Increase of public relations, acquisition of luxuries
  7. Incoming of beloved and happiness from her
  8. Acquisition of gems, jewels access to art
  9. Enjoyment of all kind luxuries, delicious food and drinks, fancy dresses and perfumed articles.

Dots of Saturn and Results

Dots – Results

  1. Destruction and death.
  2. Disease, dirty lifestyle and extreme poverty.
  3. Imprisonment, disease, conflicts and poverty.
  4. Loss of wealth and relations, adversities and troubles to spouse.
  5. Mixed results.
  6. Good returns from work.
  7. Prestige and honour from lower classes.
  8. Acqusition of maid servants and lands.
  9. Prestige and fame in the region and high appointments.

Note : During transit, if any planet goes through lowest SAV sign for a horoscope, it offers malefic results and transit through highest SAV sign offers benefic results, irrespective of Vimsottari Dasa.

Good or Bad Days : To judge if your time is good or bad, calculate the total of all 7 planets ahstakavarga points (dots) on any day with respect to each planet position in each sign on that day (as per points in your horoscope).
If total is below 25, its a bad day.
If total is between 25-30, its an average day.
If total is above 30, its a Good day.