Planetary Influence in August 2021

Mars will be transiting Leo, with Mercury in Cancer during first half of August 2021. During second half of the month, Sun enters Leo, Mercury enters Leo and Venus enters Virgo.
This transit causes some trouble for Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius) born, as they are caught in a situation where they cannot withdraw from past commitments, nor transfer responsibilities to others.
Aquarius (Kumbha Rashi) August 2021

Aquarians will find Jupiter (retrograde) tightening their finances, while Saturn (retrograde) in their 12th house creates unforeseen situations at work.
Employers can suddenly give up on their job, which creates panic and losses.
Association with older persons can bring bad reputation for Capricorn (makara rasi), Cancer (karkataka rasi), Leo (simha rasi) and Aquarius (kumbha rasi) born natives.
Excess travel, untimely diet can take a toll on their health.
Virgo (kanya rasi) born can face disappointing situations in love and close blood relations. However, friends will continue to be supportive.
This is the best month for Libra (thula rasi) born.
Scorpio (vrischika rasi) cannot see profitable situations this month as Mars continues to be in aspect of retrograde Jupiter. Only after 6 september 2021, they can sense some relief in financial transactions, litigations, government deals etc.
Aries (mesha rasi) and Pisces (meena rasi) should continue to lay low and wait for better days from mid-september 2021.

Planetary Transit in August 2021

Monday August 2: Sun opposition Saturn: Stick to routine tasks today. Do not start any major new projects.

Tuesday August 3: Venus trine Uranus AND Mercury square Uranus: The first one is good for doing something new and different for enjoyment. The second gives wild new ideas that just may work. But you have to check them out first. But do not just dive into them. Check them out first.

Friday August 6: Sun square Uranus: Expect the unexpected today. Look before you leap.

New Moon in Leo on Sunday, August 8: Normally a Leo New Moon is good for having a good time. This one however is square Uranus. Yes you can make changes. Just take extra time to think about them first. Do not rush.

Monday August 9: Venus opposition Neptune: A good day to go to the park and smell the flowers, or to read a romantic book. But please do not buy anything expensive or make major decisions about a relationship.

Tuesday August 10: Mercury opposition Jupiter: This can make you think you can do anything. do not make any promises today. You may not be able to keep them. And do not count on the promises other people will make to you.

Wednesday August 11: Venus sesquisquare Saturn, Venus trine Pluto: Venus/Pluto can intensify relationships. Venus/Saturn can throw in a few obstacles and delays. Mercury will be in Virgo until August 29. This is good for focusing on details and taking care of those dull tasks we have to do but normally ignore.

Saturday August 14: Mars sesquisquare Pluto and Saturn: This is a YOD, also known as “The Finger of God.” The energy from Pluto is transmitted directly to Mars. And Mars is pretty energetic to begin with. Well, that should give you extra power to do things. But be careful of over-exerting yourself. Definitely avoid any and all arguments today.

Sunday August 15: Venus sesquisquare Uranus: Avoid buying electronic devices today. You will tend to overpay. Sudden attractions today will tend to be temporary.

Tuesday August 17: Mercury sesquisquare Pluto: Another YOD! This time the power of Pluto energizes Mercury. Your mind is more active, but avoid arguments today. Even if you “win” the other person will want to get even. Pluto can hold a grudge.

Wednesday August 18: Mercury conjunct Mars: Yes your mind is more active. But do not jump to conclusions.

Thursday August 19: Sun opposition Jupiter: This can make you feel good. It can also make you think you can take on a lot more than you can handle. do not overdo it today.

Friday August 20 Mercury trine Uranus and square Rahu/Ketu: Good for communications of all sorts. Things are easier to understand today.

Sunday August 22: Mars trine Uranus AND square Rahu/Ketu: Today you can have the courage to try those new things you always wanted to do. The Sun entering Virgo will help you take care of the details.

Full Moon in Aquarius on Sunday, August 22: It is conjunct Jupiter. That can make people over-optimistic. During the next two weeks, do not try to do too much

Monday August 23: Venus trine Saturn: This is good for quiet pleasures. Relax and enjoy.

Tuesday August 24: Mercury opposition Neptune: This is wonderful for your imagination. It is not good for taking care of things in the real world. Double-check everything today.

Wednesday August 25: Mercury sesquisquare Saturn AND Venus sesquisquare Jupiter: The Mercury/Saturn slows down transportation and communication. Take extra time with whatever you are doing. Venus/Jupiter can make you more extravagant. Avoid major purchases today.

Thursday August 26: Mercury trine Pluto: People are more likely to listen to you today. This is also good for being a detective and getting to the bottom of things.

Sunday August 29: Mercury sesquisquare Uranus and square Rahu/Ketu: This can give you ideas that are brilliant or crazy. Unfortunately, it won’t tell you which one it is. Go slowly and check out your ideas before you start to use them.