Transit of MOON through Natal Houses

Moon transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Moon was placed in Aries in your personal horoscope, then Moon transit through that sign (Aries) is called Transit Moon through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Moon transits Virgo, it is Transit Moon through Natal 6th House.

Transit Moon through Natal 1st House : You will feel excited emotionally, mood shifts, self expression, concern about family, domestic affairs and finance.
If Moon is a benefic in your natal chart, favorable relations and peace of mind. If malefic, disturbed sleep and relations.

Transit Moon through Natal 2nd House : Inclination towards finance, family and expenditures. If Moon is afflicted in natal chart, financial losses are indicated.
Women are more involved in financial matters at home. Shopping for domestic appliances, furniture etc.
Emotional security becomes primary goal.

Transit Moon through Natal 3rd House : You will be more concerned about communications, travelling short journeys. Afflicted Moon indicates excessive and useless talks. You will have a biased attitude, nervousness and inability to concentrate.
Your thought process is influenced by past experiences.

Transit Moon through Natal 4th House : Time for getting involved in household affairs, repair of vehicles, rearranging stuff at home. You may want to get involved in kitchen too. Afflicted Moon here induces patriotism and element of martyrdom for country.

Transit Moon through Natal 5th House : You will get involved emotionally with your lover. Romantic dates, social activities, planning a day out with children, artistic pursuits and financial speculations will rule your mind.
Afflicted Moon indicates over indulgence in carnal pleasures.

Transit Moon through Natal 6th House : These are days to think about health, fitness, hygiene.
Afflicted Moon indicates bad health due to emotional disturbances. Also, nervousness and uneasiness about conditions of work place.
More afflictions in natal chart leads to being hypochondriac.

Transit Moon through Natal 7th House : Sexual bliss, meeting good friends, enjoying parties, good food and pleasure trips will rule your mind.
Interaction with opposite gender, spreading your popularity will be priorities.
Afflicted Moon can cause emotional disturbance and quarrels with partner over financial and family matters.
During this transit, you will tend to seek new relations.

Transit Moon through Natal 8th House : You will be emotionally bound by family finances, debts, insurances, taxes, alimony, inheritence and sexual relations.
Intuition and psychic abilities are stimulated. You might want to end emotional relations from past.

Transit Moon through Natal 9th House : Thoughts about higher education, religion, culture will rule your mind. Best time for a short pilgrimage and make new acquaintances from different backgrounds.
Afflicted moon here causes uneasiness, stubborn nature and digestive problems during journeys.

Transit Moon through Natal 10th House : Your prime concern will be family status, public reputation, job or business.
Afflictions to Moon causes domestic problems interfering in professional activities and unfavorable public responses.
Good aspects on Moon will help you achieve professional success through prominent people.

Transit Moon through Natal 11th House : Organizing groups, meetings, especially with people of opposite gender are indicated.
Afflcted Moon exposes your intentions and project you as a villain or fool among friends. As a result, others will ignore or criticize your actions.
Good Moon will help you develop new associations.

Transit Moon through Natal 12th House : Timidness, loneliness and hiding personal feelings characterize this transit.
This is best time for retrospection, spiritual inner research and meditation.
You will develop sympathy towards less fortunate people.
Afflictions can make you hospitalized.