Transit SUN in Aspects to Natal MOON

Sun transit Natal MoonNatal MOON house is the sign where your MOON was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Moon in Pisces, then your natal Moon house is Pisces (Meena Rasi) and during transit, Sun forming conjunction (in pisces), sextile (aspect of 60° which are Capricorn and Taurus in this case), square (aspect of 90° which are Gemini and Sagittarius here), trine (aspect of 120° which are Scorpio and Cancer here), opposition (aspect of 180° which is Virgo here) are discussed in this article.
Conjunction is transiting through same sign as in birth chart, sextile is transiting 3rd or 11th house, trine is transiting 5th or 9th house, opposition is transiting 7th house from natal sign.

Transit SUN conjunct Natal MOON : You will be emotionally involved in domestic affairs and also with opposite gender.
Good period for celebrations at home, social welfare activities, improving family relations, pregnancy for women, achieving popularity and success.
Activities related to business, travel, domestic shopping, farming are favoured.
Humanitarian qualities are highlighted, while success and popularity are also enjoyed.
Women should apply logic while talking to men.
Afflicted or debilitated Moon causes health issues, wandering, indecisive mind, psychologial disorders, eye problems.

Transit SUN Sextile Natal MOON : Improved vitality and hope. New ideas, social activities, better and stable relations with opposite gender.
Travel oppurtunities, business activities, public relation activities, gainful financial speculation, food, farming, real estate, domestic products and services are favored.

Transit SUN Square Natal MOON : This is not a good transit. Bad time to deal with opposite gender. Domestic atmosphere is not harmonious.
Disobedience of children, bad health will be major issues.
Superiors will not offer any favors. Financial difficulties can be experienced if not planned well.
Speculations should be avoided. You will be unable to express creatively due to emotional imbalances and it leads to frustration.

Transit SUN Trine Natal MOON : This is a favorable period. Vitality will improve and daily affairs are sorted easily.
Good relations within family, with opposite gender. Agreements done during this transit will have long lasting impact on life.
People in power will be helpful. Romance will be on your mind.
Business can be profitable.

Transit SUN Opposition Natal MOON : Tense and critical period to deal with family, authorities and lovers.
Judgment is hampered due to emotional impulses. Defered matters come to the surface for mental anguish.
Ego confrontations causes upsets.
Enemies will be trying to find and oppurtunity to cause harm.
Lack of vitality and slow digestion can cause fatigue.