Transit Venus through Natal Houses

Venus transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Venus was placed in Libra in your personal horoscope, then Venus transit through that sign (Libra) is called Transit Venus through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Venus transits Pisces, it is Transit Venus through Natal 6th House.

Transit Venus through Natal 1st House : Personal adornment and initiative in romantic and social activity will be highlighted. This is good time for public relations and to impress others. There will be greater interest in artistic and personal creative self expression.
Afflicted Venus can make you emotionally hypersensitive, self indulgent and extravagant.

Transit Venus through Natal 2nd House : Positive Venus attracts material possessions, money and people. Negative Venus can make you extravagant and impractical. This is good time for business transactions, help from banks and wealthy people. You may shift focus towards sensuality, sexual overindulgence, aspiration for materialistic and luxurious life.

Transit Venus through Natal 3rd House : Social, business, romantic and marital communications will happen during this transit. You will exhibit grace, tact and diplomacy in communication. Good time for public relations and Advertising.
Venus under stress will make you hypocrite, insincere and will waste your time with relevant talks and useless matters.

Transit Venus through Natal 4th House : Social, romantic and artistic activities will happen at home. You will enjoy comfortable life. Business activities related to real estate, home Furnishing, hot and luxury items.
Afflicted Venus will make you put on weight due to overindulgence in food and alcohol.

Transit Venus through Natal 5th House : This is time to expand your romantic and social activities. You will be more with children, sports and fun games. You will seek sexual favours. Women expecting pregnancy can have good time. Favourable time to invest in speculation, music, movies. Afflicted Venus indicates over indulgence in sexual pleasures.

Transit Venus through Natal 6th House : Harmonious working environment, improved health and desire for luxuries. This is the least romantic position for Venus. You will try to make improvement in working condition or apply for an appraisal. Few of you will fight for a social cause.

Transit Venus through Natal 7th House : Good relations with partners and public will happen during this transit. Others will find you attractive and try to establish a contact with you. This is a good time to propose someone, get married, enter into partnerships.

Transit Venus through Natal 8th House : You need to properly handle joint finances, inheritances, taxes, gifts. There will be interest sexual drive. Love exists only for sex and dissolves later. You will gain financially through spouse or partners or even through Bank loans. Afflicted Venus indicates excessive or extramarital sexual relations.

Transit Venus through Natal 9th House : Social activities related to educational, cultural and artistic fields are highlighted. You will be attracted to foreign people and cultures. Afflicted Venus will make you critical about own religion.

Transit Venus through Natal 10th House : This is time to increase your status, honour and social reputation. You will be interested in working with people related to art, music and entertainment. You have professional dealing with opposite gender. Persons in authority will be favourable to you.
Afflicted Venus will make you misuse your social status for mean motives.

Transit Venus through Natal 11th House : Good relations with friends, group activities will be highlighted. You will feel friendly towards everyone.
If Venus is afflicted, your motive behind friendship and group activities will be sexual and material gratification.

Transit Venus through Natal 12th House : You will develop sympathy, emotional kindness towards the needy. You will appreciate beauty in others.
Do not let yourself being misused by letting others know your weakness. Private and secret romantic involvements are triggered.
Afflicted Venus will make you indulge in secret romances and sexual pleasures at the cost of your social status and reputation.