Why Zodiac Moon Signs remain Single

There are many reasons why some of us chose to remain single for long time or forever.
Understanding nature of 12 Zodiac Moon Signs can help us decode few reasons through Vedic Astrology.
Single vs Relationship in Vedic Astrology

Single vs Relationship reasons in Vedic Astrology, for 12 Moon Signs

Aries : They are too impulsive to get into any relationship. Unpredictable to the extent that it becomes difficult for the partner to keep up with you. They will try to make the first move and impress their love, but after that, things get messed up.
Their intimidating and spontaneous nature should be liked by their lover, in order to continue a relation.
Unless, they find such partner, they remain single.

Taurus : Tauruses are outgoing introverts. They have a clearcut idea about how their partner should appear and will not take anything less.
They hangout with friends, socialize a lot and would be loyal in a relation only when their partner lets them have their free space.

Gemini : They are single because they are all over the place. Their complex nature makes them appear obvious.
Their outgoing nature will be demanding but inside they also fear that, they may not be loved back with same intensity.
This is one strong reason for them to not find a right partner for long time. Also, their public image does not appeal to many, who are looking for a traditional person.

Cancer : They trust very few people and take their own sweet time to develop faith on someone.
It is not easy to win their confidence. But once done, they are the most loyal and sweet partners their partners will ever find.
Sometimes, their past relationships have so much impact on them that it becomes impossible to open to a new relation.

single vs relationship wallet of guys and girlsLeo : EGO is the main reason they could remain single. Their adventurous spirit can scare opposite sex and make them stay away from entering into a relationship with a Leo.
Pride can also become an obstacle in accepting a person.
Sometimes a LEO can waste time by looking for love at wrong places like dating apps/sites, while real love awaits outside.

Virgo : Being too analytical and picky can make them wait for ages to find a ‘perfect‘ partner.
They need to accept the fact that flaws and problems exist in everyone, just like in themselves.
Only a realistic approach can draw them into a relationship.

Libra : Libras love excitement and fear commitment. They will enter into a relationship if the opposite person is willing to go with the flow.
Also, it is important to move out of past experiences and start everyday afresh.

Scorpio : Complicated and overthinking will kill their love before blossoming into a relation.
They are too passionate, possessive and manipulative at times. Their unpredictable nature can kill a potention love.

Sagittarius : Too much of being optimistic and taking things for granted can destroy their chances of being in love.
For some of the sagittarians, getting into a relationship appears as a trap, which is impossible to leave.
Unless they get realistic and accept someone, they will remain single.

Capricorn : Usually they do not have time for love. Always preoccupied with work, friends and other hobbies, they think love is limited only to imaginations of writers and movie makers.
They are highly responsible but do not know what they want from life.
They prefer a partner who is not too much depended on them.

Aquarius : Sarcasm can be good while with friends, but not with lovers. Aquarians are progressive thinkers with kind heart but their words, especially when in bad mood, can drive away anyone around.
Few aquarians, who spent many years alone, will develop a fear to get into a new relationship.

Pisces : Pisceans can remain single because they live in their own world.
It is almost impossible to catch both fish (swimming in opposite directions) at a time. They can be compassionate, helpful, emotional but sometimes act as an escapist.
One has to enter the world of dreams of a Piscean and also share their dreams, to win their love.