Destiny Number or Fadic Number 5

Fadic Number 5

The Frivolous Five

In many ancient cultures the number Five was revered as the number of life and vitality. The five-pointed star and the pentagon symbolize the number Five. In the story of creation, God is said to have used the power of five to link humans with the collective will.

Extroverted, energetic, resourceful, productive and adventurous are some of the descriptions for persons with Destiny number Five. If you have Five as your destiny number, you are likely to be alert, gentle, happy, intuitive, kind, wise and quite lucky. You are rational and systematic .It gives you recognition in your chosen field of work .It gives you favors from Government or people in authority, political leaders, friends and relatives. However, you are also impatient and hungry for the taste of life and high strung.

The karmic lessons of Destiny Five people involve them in many varied life experiences. They are unpredictable characters with an insatiable appetite for life. The can become sarcastic and critical under stress and far too impulsive for their own good, often regretting their fast behaviors. They are excitable and exciting to be around and have more casual than lifelong friends. They find boredom intolerable because they are active mentally, physically and spiritually.

As a Destiny Five number, you are attractive, impressive, and versatile and naturally optimistic. You are lucky in love affairs. You are also lucky in matters of winning through lottery, having inheritance and earning through speculative business. You are able to change your working environment and living standards .You are able to speculate and progress in material world. Sometimes you become pioneers, inventors and discoverers. You might have to live long periods of time in foreign lands. You may excel as publishers, authors, lawyers, critics, politicians, actors, orators, scholars, storytellers, sculptors, entertainers and astrologers.

You are naturally competitive and are able to seize the opportunities more cautious people overlook. A tendency to become impatient, bored or discontented with your lot inclines you to move discarding the past and staring all over again. On the other hand, your intensity may cause you to become so involved with something that you are unable to break away for your own good. Hence the tendency to addiction if often attributed to Number Fives, since you tend to be an extremist.

It is probably unwise for you to marry someone has very conventional goals unless you can maintain you’re a good deal of time and space to call your own. While the Four seeks fulfillment in work, the Five often seeks emotional intensity in sex. You are not shy and have no problem speaking your mind, which can often get you into trouble.

Key Words: Affectionate, active, competitive, clever, impulsive, speedy, flirtatious, enthusiastic, gregarious, nonconformist.

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