Destiny Number or Fadic Number 8

Destiny number 8
The Extremist Eight

Eight is the number of endeavor and of connections. The symbol of eight, are the octagon and the eight-pointed star. The shape of the number eight symbolizes it as the circuit of energy.

The Karmic Lesson for Destiny Number Eight is to find strength for the collective, particularly during challenging times. You may lead others with a strong direction and a powerful will driving everyone forward with their lives, and carving a positive way forward.

You excel under most adverse circumstances, the more difficult a situation is, the more you shine. You achieve fame and administrative capabilities, hold high positions and become rich in your later part of life. If you are in politics you attain highest positions (particularly in opposition), if you are into spirituality or occultism, you become group leaders.

However, you are never far from troubles (both real and imaginary), opposition and sometimes, humiliation. You are busy trying to attain the highest position in your work; you have no time for amusement. You are destined to make a mark -either as great scientists or social reformers, or by bad karmas like subversive activities as you become leader of opposition groups, anti social groups, terrorist group and may meet tragic end. You may have more endurance power than any other destiny number. You almost never give in stress or strain; you are quite flexible and adjust to shocks quite easily. Your destiny makes you perform bad karmas, face lawsuits, involve in accidents, premature aging etc.

It also provides you with wisdom through bad experiences, failures and opposition. You are not so successful in matters of love and are prone to sex scandals. You normally do not have a long or happily married life. This may sometimes prove beneficial to you as you have philosophical bent of mind and can abstain from pleasure seeking nature and put your energy, lock, stock and barrel to fight for alleviation of sufferings of fellow people. You are, however, good planners, and are fond of success at a grand scale. If you were able to subdue your weaknesses and interact with favorable numbers; you would reach great heights in your career.

Eight people are often satirical about the feast of famine destiny that Fate seems to have dealt them. And their karmic lesson is that they should remember that they have as many positive experiences as negative ones. They have to see the logic of a higher intelligence, which allows them to work hard towards their goals, even when it seems to pull the rug from under them. The inner strength seems to be constantly tested, often causing them to wonder how much more they have to prove in order to receive their just rewards. However once they can accept their seesaw existence, they usually find a way to deal with it by storing their strengths for a rainy day.

Key Words: strong, executive, decisive, authority, professional, blunt, masterful, good judgment, problem solver.

How to know your destiny number or Fadic Number ?
Add all numbers in your birthdate and derive a single number.
Example : If your date of birth is 26th june 1983, add 2+6+6+1+9+8+3 = 35,
Now add 3+5 = 8.
So your destiny(fadic) number is 8.