Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

Gemini AscendantGemini ascendant borns will have good and favourable results during Venus, Mercury and Moon dasas. Mars and Jupiter dasas will give mostly disappointing results. Saturn and Sun dasas will be moderately good, depending on their placements.

During favourable Venus dasa of 20 years, you will achieve you ambition. You will be married to someone who is good in nature and will prove lucky for you.
Most of the benefits will be recieved through efforts of others.
People who are into writing, movie making, acting, dancing, music will taste success and will become popular.
They will also earn lot of money through these professions.
Will have extraordinary growth of fame in society but will be criticised for not doing any charity.
Will spend money for comforts, food, maintenance of health and beauty.
Women will spend a lot of cosmetics and dresses.

If you have daughter(s), more attachment towards them will develop during this dasa.
Will shine in technical jobs and do effortless work only.
If you join any business as partners, they will lose and sell their share to you ultimately.
Few of them will establish educational institutions and social welfare or charity trusts and collect huge amounts of foreign currency.
Will escape from clearing bank loans and few will commit white collar crimes to make money.

During Mercury dasa of 17 years, will shine in business.
Few will create fake or forged documents and will benefit from them.
Document writers, movie or book writers will earn a lot for their stuff.
Will fool many intellectuals in society and earn lot of wealth but will also face some setbacks through law.
Will have support of strong friends and relatives during this dasa.
Few will face health issues related to digestive system and skin related diseases.
Will earn bad reputation for cheating partners.
Publishers will make huge profits and kids will do good in their education/profession.

During Saturn dasa of 19 years, will face severe ups and downs in business.
Oil, iron, steel, metals, agriulture business will face losses.
Will face legal issues and cannot clear loans.
Will have good name in society but will face the wrath of few influencial persons.
Few will lose faith in their religion.
To reduce ill-effects of saturn during this dasa, perform Kaalabhairava Homam atleast once during the dasa.

During Moon dasa of 10 years, matters related to foreign travel, sports, dairy business, educational institutions, cinema, television, food products for kids, fruits and flowers business will flourish.
Will have to watchful while swimming or while cross rivers, oceans etc.
Should avoid getting drenched in rain.
Breathing problems, asthma will create some trouble.
Will benefit from women. Few will gain wealth and help from maternal side relations.
Eye sight will be disturbed occassionally. Family life will be smooth.

During Sun dasa of 6 years, few will be forced to sell ancestral properties for lower rates and they will repent after the sale.
Results in education will be moderate or poor despite having knowledge and intelligence.
Difference of opinions with siblings, cousins and friends possible.
Friends will cheat and officials will create hurdles according to law.
Health will be moderate and frequent headache or pain in chest/ribs will cause inconvenience.
Will lose control over group leaderships.
Despite all these bad results, confidence will remain high and this will save you in many situations.
To minmise these effects, perform Rudra Homam once a year during this dasa.

During Mars dasa of 7 years, financial problems will cause major tensions.
Loans, mortgage, banking affairs will cause sleepless nights.
Should be careful during journeys as accidents are possible.
Will be forced to sell some of your properties.
Friends will cheat and you will be forced to take help from people below your stature.
Frequent visits to courts, police possible and sometime will be spent in solitude.
For reducing these bad effects, perform Angaraka Homam once a year during this dasa.

During Jupiter dasa of 16 years, you will face many bitter experiences.
But will get recognition as a weak, yet good natured person in society.
Financial position will not be satisfactory.
Hard earned money will be sufficient only for regular expenses and nothing much will be saved.
Will gain knowledge in ancient scienes, philosophy etc.
Will be forced to spend much time away from spouse and this will cause some internal differences at home.
Loved ones will go away from your life.
This period is moderately good for those running educational institutions.
As the dasa progresses, self discipline, interest in regular mainenance of diet, yoga, exercises, reading of spiritual or religious literature will increase.
Will realise and understand purpose behind rules formed by ancestors to live in the society.
To reduce few ill-effects of this dasa, perform Sudarsana Homam regularly at home.

Rahu dasa of 18 years will be moderate and based on its placement and also saturn’s placement.
If rahu gives bad results, then performing Chandi homam is best remedy.

Ketu dasa of 7 years will also be moderate and based on its placement and also mars’s placement.

All the above results in all dasas are modified to some extent by constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also by transit results of major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.