Destiny Number or Fadic Number 9

destiny or fadic number 9

The Notorious Nine

Nine is the number of law, balance and completion. It is symbolized by three interlaced triangles, which is the sign of perfection and completion. In the numerological account of creation, God used the power of the number Nine to finish his work.

Cats have nine lives and humans live in cycles of nine years. Destiny Number Nine people are humanitarians who wish to save the world.

The Karmic Lessons of a Number Nine destiny involve the global well being of humanity. They are missionaries and visionaries fighting for the spiritual and physical growth of humankind. They want to save the planet and its occupants from self-destruction. The fighting spirit of the planet Mars has great influence on Nine people inspiring them to pursue these goals with grit and guts.

You are interested in all good things of life, love romance and adventure and believe that life is for enjoyment and sharing .You follow your inner self to seek truth and refinement. You are fair and always try to adopt right means to arrive at truth. You have the right intuition and delve deeper into truth. You are destined to be busy forever and dislike taking rest.

You develop mentally and spiritually through hardships of life, appreciate true wisdom, and love. You set your own goals for achieving spiritual perfection; you are able to understand the knowledge of both mind and matter. You are intrigued by the paranormal and you have great insight and innate psychic powers. You do not blindly believe in scriptures or your spiritual teachers but add the dimension of your practical experience. This makes you an excellent teacher.

You are lover of fine arts and beauty. You can easily become famous in such fields and are surrounded by beauty of all kinds. You have beautiful, famous, successful artists, eminent authors and spiritual masters for company. Careers that attract you are the medical field, welfare, religious orders, veterinary science, animal welfare, parks and wildlife, environmental organizations and the visual arts.

Your destiny makes you spiritually inclined, soft and humble. Your nature is subdued through hard self-imposed discipline; debates and oratory .You feel unanimity with all living beings. You find divinity in everything .You are the defenders of humanity at large and of all living forms. You are interested in healing arts and ecology. The last in the series of primary whole numbers, Nine is considered a mystical, the end of the cycle of life and death .If you become conscious of this aspect early in life (as one becomes aware of power of one’s destiny only after the age of 35) you would accomplish your goal. You become enlightened and are ultimately emancipated.

Key Words: Philosophical, wise, dramatic, religious, tolerant, compassionate, intuitive, fortunate, lover.