The ‘REAL’ source of Happiness and Sorrow – DOG Logic

Yoga Dog Happiness LogicWhat does a person mean when he says ‘I’m Happy !‘ ?
Is his state of mind permanent or only relative to time and place?
The same person may feel chilled in a cold weather and would like to rush back home to feel the warmth.

But will ‘being warm’ give him happiness forever? He’ll feel uncomfortable, when temperature raises outside and now needs cold breeze.
Many people may disagree, but this world doesn’t contain any such thing as happiness or sorrow.
It is all within our mind. The world we see is only a reflection of thoughts on our mind.
How can a reflection or image give you any feeling ? Only the source(our thoughts) have the capability to do so.

DOG Logic

A hungry dog looking for some food, suddenly finds a bone and it hurrily grabs it and finds a place to eat.
But the dog doesn’t realise that the bone is dry and doesn’t have any meat to it.
It tries hard to bite it, but doesn’t get anything out, instead, the bone digs into dog’s jaw and it starts bleeding.
The foolish dog thinks that the bone is bleeding.
He’ll say ‘ The bone was ok before. It started bleeding once i started biting it‘.
That is Dog’s Logic.

If we observe carefully, there are many such dogs around us, who think that everything happens because of someone else’s reaction.
They never accept, the flaw in their thoughts.

The moment we realize and control the source , everything starts falling in place.

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