Jupiter Venus Mercury conjunction 2015 in Leo, Effects

Three super benefic planets Jupiter, Venus & Mercury will transit together in Leo, and this indicates some special time ahead.
All these 3 are the ‘giving’ planets which bestow us with success, happiness and prosperity and when they are together in a sign.
Mercury takes partial properties of its conjunct planets and this time, it is heavily influenced by 2 positive planets Jupiter and Venus.
Jupiter Venus Mercury in Leo 2015

Jupiter is already in Leo (Simha Rasi) since 13 July and Venus has also entered same sign.
Venus is right now in retrograde motion and will cross incoming Mercury in first week of August.
These 3 planets will remain in Simha Rasi until 13 August 2015, 21:12 hours IST.
Jupiter and Venus are the greatest benefic planets and their combination is very fortunate.
On top of that, their energy is super enhanced with Mercury conjunction.
While Venus enhances our ability to attract and Jupiter makes us confident and positive, the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in Leo intensifies the energy that has the ability to inspire modification in our lives.

Most of the zodiac signs will receive positive results of this combination except Virgo.
These effects will start from 04 August and most of them should takeoff before 13 August 2015.

Effects of Jupiter Venus Mercury conjunction 2015 August in Leo on 12 Ascendants and Moon Signs

Aries : This 3 planets combination in your 5th house brings great oppurtunities and work atmosphere.
Your new job will satisfy your intellect and your ideas will be appreciated.
Best time to put in all your efforts and plan big for future.

Taurus : There will be some conflicts at home. Better avoid arguments with in-laws and spouse.
Kids can be indifferent. Not a great time for lovers.
However, this is good time to invest in real estate and properties.

Gemini : If planning to travel, this is best time.
All types of communications like emails, phone calls etc can keep you busy.
However, you may have to travel alone or with someone unexpected.

Cancer : You will get major improvement in finances with this combination of 3 planets.
Human relations need to be handled with care.
Disturbed mindset of partner can bother you for few days.

Leo : Positive and happy period is coming up.
However, there can be some confusion and dilemma in your judgement and at work.
You may forget few small issues while concentrating on big ones.

Virgo : Control your expenses and speech, else you can run out of money and help when badly needed.
Mistakes and decisions from past can haunt you for a while.
However, things will be back in control from September 2015 when Venus goes direct and Mercury enters your sign.

Libra : Profits in business, improved relations, busy social life, great time in love, sound health can be expected.

Scorpio : Good fortune and changes in career can be expected soon.
Few of you may decide to enter new business.
However, new investments should be done only after 07 september 2015.

Sagittarius : Positive changes in career, fame, fortune can be expected.
Luck is with you, so take that daring step forward.

Capricorn : Sudden and unexpected financial gains can be expected along with minor health ailments.
Attitude and behaviour of children can be annoying.
Not great time for lovers.
Do not enter into any new venture this year.

Aquarius : Fame, growth and progress is expected. Relations with spouse and children will be good. However, parents can bother for few days.
Great time for lovers to escape from daily routine and plan a holiday.

Pisces : Enhanced status, new responsibilities, busy social life, minor health ailments can be expected.
You will earn respect of elders and superiors.
Except for love, this time is good for everything else.

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These above opportunities which come up between 04 – 13 August 2015 will last until October 2015 in high intensity with returns till July 2016.

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