How to Develop your intuitive powers

Intuitive PowersTo succeed in anything one needs a strong intuition. The differences between greatness and being ordinary in any field are marked by a presence of a strong intuitive power. Many people have good knowledge, long experience but they fail to reach great heights as they lack a good sense of intuition.
People are curious about how can one’s intuitive powers be developed, and few are doubtful whether intuitive powers can be developed at the first place!

Here are few tips about how to develop your Intuitive Powers

First of all one should be completely honest with thyself. There are deceptive people all around, and there are people who deceive themselves too. Many people try to imitate others and thus forget to know who themselves are. One has to understand that every person is unique, and each person possesses individuality. And once a person touches base with self, lot of new avenues starts opening up, and a strong intuition is one among them.

One needs to be true to oneself to allow the intuition to flow properly. Next one should not try to be deceptive in words. This attitude will make the mind more and more tamasik. For the intuition to work, one has to move towards satvik(pure and soft) frame of mind, and this happens automatically once the person is honest to thyself and others.

Also, meditation plays a major role in increasing your intuitive powers. Meditation also helps a person to become satvik.

You can start checking your intuitive powers by guessing person’s character, and also by guessing about whether an event will happen or not. These kinds of guesses will help you develop your intuition.
Of course there are lot of pitfalls and failures, but then there is no gain without pain.

Learn to give importance to dreams, hunches and odd feelings. Most people don’t value their ideas, opinions and most importantly hunches, and as a fact most of the times the thoughts arising in our minds have some important messages to be conveyed, and we tend to ignore them casually.

While using your intuitive capabilities, if you feel doubtful about something, then just wait. Don’t rush. The whole idea is to supplement logic with intuition and intuition with logic. And it takes time to develop both these faculties.

Developing logical ability will bless a person with strong intuition. Initially due to pessimism, people are frightened to experiment with their intuitive powers, and secondly negative predictions make people disappointed, and they lose interest in their hidden potential.

The trick of the trade is to consider stumbling blocks as a stepping-stone for success. The more you fail, the more you will learn, and greater will be your intuitive powers!

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