Preparation for Twin Flame Meeting : How to recieve their Divine Love Bliss

twin flame renuion 2014If you feel like you are ready to meet your twin flame soon, the first question you need to ask yourselves is whether you are really ready ?

Not in a sense that you believe that its time to marry, nor because you are 30 something and because you think you should have kids and your biological clock is madly ticking. You wont meet him/her because you feel an urge to have somebody close to call your boyfriend/girlfriend wife/husband.

As an evolved human being and a person that is conscious and a spiritual deity living in a physical body you probably know that there is very little fulfillment in random flings, temporary sexual encounters, little “loovey doovey” hugs and kisses, and empty energy exchanges with soul mates not on a same soul quest journey.
Despite the fact that these all offer satisfaction to your ego and energy boost for a moment, there is a huge difference between these shallow encounters and the true love of twin flames, two spiritual beings whom are on the quest to know the divine and then marry its opposite sex counterpart who is preparing for the sacred wedding in its full capacity.

As any other big event the sacred marriage also has its preparatory phase where every human being who is functioning on a spiritual level is getting ready for a deep union and merging with the opposite sex whom he or she will become one with in ceremony of a sacred wedding/union in physical before divine as its main and only important witness so to speak.

As a fully evolved male/female you probably know that opposite sex encounters of shallow kind give nice stimulation and you are not letting yourself mix these experiences up with illusionary feelings that the person you are involved with is awakening inside of your whole system that he or she might not be the one really. We all freak out when this happens and we let our energy get low from the conclusion that the person we are with is not all we have expected. Instead we should be happy. Probably we have helped the person in some way or the person has helped us and now we let them continue on their individual quest journey to their ultimate destination and fulfillment of their unique destiny.

It is very nice to be at peace once you realize that you are not part of someone’s story as he or she is not ready for the plot with you in a picture or you rub him/her the wrong way or he or she is limiting you. The numerous self-help books that talk how you should stay in nonfunctioning relationship are so making the merging of twin flames difficult as many people loose years in manipulating someone to believe they are the one for them.
Examples : Why man marry bitches?
Catch him and keep him, Think like a man, act like a lady and many others.
If you have read these books you probably know the advice they offer are good for selfcontrol and self development and are usually excellent tools and very functional for a less developed souls whom are just getting rid of bondages of ego, jealousy, guilt, being a doormat in a relationship, low self esteem etc.

How ever if you ever reach for these books and the first time you feel any of these previously listed feelings its time to leave him/her as association with them ought to finish.
Maybe this sounds ridiculous for the ones whom believe that long term love and marriage is all about compromising yet my experience says that its nonsense as staying in toxic dysfunctional and not healthy relationship leads to prolonged suffering, disappointment and abuses.

Settling for less and having realistic expectations that many of the self help books are teaching are a wrong method as the Daydreaming of a TWIN FLAME union complete emersion with the significant other ,the Mr, Mrs Perfect someone you will marry and resurrect with once you become one in unity for the glory of the divine in all living things exists and happens day in and day out.

The wrong relationships and encounters with people wrong for us guide and lead us through experiences that awaken our spirit to seek emersion with the right one and serve to prepare us for the deep empathy and surrender needed for divine bliss twin flame meeting.

This is done through the longing to let and make space in your emotional capacity and definitely not to wound you and make you vulnerable and or crazy to seek psychologist help and give up on relationships.

The suffering we undergo in wrong relationships broaden our emotional capacity in a sense that in a next relationship it seems like we can undergo even more for the one we dearly love and want to marry.

Difference between Twin Flame and Soul Mate

If we learn to differentiate between the feelings that arise inside of us when meeting twin flame vs soul mate we can appreciate both experiences equally and can choose to not meet any more soul mates and settle only with twin flame and be preparing for this meeting actively.

However to be able to meet your twin flame you need to have experienced many soul mate relationships and scenarious that you realize how to say no to these repetitive patterns of behaviors, scenes, psychological patterns of different men women through which you better understand who you are and what you need.

In 2014 Twin flames around the globe are actively seeking one another and their emersion is happening on a spiritual more subtle level where they are seeing each other in their dreams.

Mostly this is not done by concrete actions but counting fully on Godly interference,divine intervention yoga, meditations and prayers and quest to become their best selves whom are able to finally offer their best evolved selves to the other of opposite sex.

So back to the beginning. Do you think is time. Yes I think it is.I believe its time.
If you are sick of soul mates meetings and tired of lessons from the past, you have evolved to the point where you know you and your partner both deserve to be glorified and want to stop punishing each other unjustly.
If you want to love the uniqueness of the other and not be afraid of him/her and want to see him/her beyond measure in their full authenticity and divine purpose you are ready.

You are ready if you think that finding a soul mate has become too easy.
If someone you have a deep feeling of recognition and feeling that you have known each other forever become boring and not fulfilling as you have grown even beyond that spiritually.
Beyond bickering,beyond deprivation of freedom. If you are after peace and harmony. If you just long for the familiar feeling and feeling of comfort when together you are allowed to meet him/her in 2014.

Fast instant attraction, high sexual chemistry and addiction to the feeling of being high when around him her is so 2013. Exhalted in his/her presence so 2013. Twin Flame 2014 mantra is love and let live.

Let live through offering the feeling of peace in the fast pace lifestyle of today, feeling of acknowledgment of his/hers individual deity and its passionate living to reach its fulfillment and sacrificial encouraging .
The servitude manner is not victimizing yet loving.
You posses all the things he or she needs to accomplished something he or she has worked for in ages.This is not using you .
Dont be tricked. We are all given unique talents,skills,material blessings and we ought to share them with the people around us.
The twinflame readiness expresses itself in the desire to help/him her reach her full potential in whatever he or she desires to achieve even if it excludes you from the picture fully.

IT doesn’t usually but even at the cost of you never seeing him/her. Twin flames understand you and your being,You do not need many words.They know what you are here for even better than you yourself know and they will help you without you asking these are your guardian angels and they don’t get mad and angry.
Twin flames don’t feel used. The appreciation for eachothers unique experiences and sharing is high and the fact that you have met and crossed paths to even commune in a nice conversation,or deep recognition matters so much that you can not be greedy wanting more and asking for more.You are just happy to be with him her.

So are you READY?