Soapnut or Reetha Medical Applications, Precautions

Soapnut or Reetha medical applications to remove poison from scorpion, snake or dog bite, as natural insecticide, cures fits, migraines, natural hair shampoo, precautions for pregnant women. Soapnut is small deciduous evergreen tree native to India. The pulp of the fruit is used to make soap, … Read more

Toothpastes or Hidden Poisons ?

Scientifically researched toothpastes are hazardous Our teeth decide how good we look. Especially when we smile, teeth adds glamour to that smile. Imagine a good smile with bad teeth? can you? no you can’t ! Just think before you read this article further ! If those … Read more

Mercury and Suicide Tendency

Vedic astrology suggestes that moon controls thoughts in our mind and mercury controls our judgement. When this mercury(budha) is afflicted by other planets, it gives us wrong judgement and in few cases it provokes towards commiting suicide. Saturn controls and decides our longevity and if it … Read more

Yellow-berried Nightshade usage in curing health ailments

Botanical Name : Solanum Xanthocarpum Family Name : Solanaceae Common Name : Yellow-berried Nightshade(english), Nidigadhika/Kantakari(Sanskrit), Kanteli(Hindi), Pinnamulaka/Nelamulaka/Vakudu(Telugu), Kantakari(Bengali), Bhuiringani( Marwai),  Bhoyaringani( Gujarati),  Kandankattiri(Tamil and Malayalam),  Bhejibegun and Ankranti(Oriya), Kandyali, Mahori and Warumba(Punjabi),  Rengnie, Bhat-khataya and Rangaini Janum(Bihar). Part Used : Fruits, Whole Plant Habitat : Through … Read more