Herbal Health Products in market – made of poisonous chemicals !

Herbal Products Toxic ChemicalsHealth products made of chemicals are better than products made of so-called herbal materials.
Manufacturers claim that their shampoo, hair oil etc are purely herbal but lets see the reality.

Products that claim to be made from extracts of Amla and Alovera are not completely made with them only.
Chemicals are mixed to make them look like they are meant to be.
Turmeric, Sandalwood soaps are never made with that material. Chemicals are used to get the scent and color.
Lipsticks are mostl made with koltar, which causes allergic reactions and peeling of delicate skin layer on lips.
Anti-ageing creams use formaldihide and propyl paratyne which are cancer causing harmful chemicals.
Liquid tilak used on forehead is mixed with lead, zinc and industrial dice.

Usually, materials used in manufacturing a product should be mentioned on the pack, but many companies dont want to display this information as they think that their competitors would steal their formula.
According to cosmetics act , on products that are having a pack of 60ml or less or 30gms or less, their is no need to mention all products used for manufacturing.
The reason for this is that there won’t be enough space on packs to display all information.
Companies use this reason to their advantage and never display all chemicals used and cheat customers.

Usually people buy herbal products believing that they are totally harmless, but companies take advantage of this blind faith.
For example, a fairness cream manufacturing popular brand uses chemical bleach in their cream but never displays its name on pack.

So, before you buy a product from a so-called trusted brand , make sure you get to know everything about it and save yourself.