Soapnut or Reetha Medical Applications, Precautions

soap nut reetha powderSoapnut or Reetha medical applications to remove poison from scorpion, snake or dog bite, as natural insecticide, cures fits, migraines, natural hair shampoo, precautions for pregnant women.
Soapnut is small deciduous evergreen tree native to India. The pulp of
the fruit is used to make soap, hence popularly known as soapnut tree.
The botanical name is Sapindus Mukorossi.Popular names are soapnut, soapberry, Washnut, kunkudukai, ritha, Kanma, Dodan and Thalired.
Soapnuts have been used by people for a long time as a cleaning and washing agent. It is also used to clean and rinse the hair of dust and oil. Along with these benefits it can be used as medicine due to it’s properties.

General Uses & Benefits of Soapnut or Reetha

* Soapnuts are natural and healthy.
* Main ingredient in soaps and shampoos
* Used to wash and clean gold and silver ornaments. It brings back lost
glow and luster of ornaments.
* Natural insecticide to remove lice from Hair and scalp.
* The mixture of soapnut with shikakai powder in water and used as shampoo
promotes hair growth.
* Tobacco users can use soapnuts to reduce craving for tobacco products
and kick the smoking habit.

Medical Applications of Soapnut or Reetha

* Drinking 50 grams of warm filtered soapnut juice helps remove poison and
toxin ingested into stomach knowingly or otherwise. The poison will be
vomited out.

* Remedy for dog bite, snake or scorpion bite. Take soapnut bark, add water
and grind into paste. Make small balls of the paste and dry them in air
and preserve in air tight box. Take one pill along with cow ghee three
times a day.

* As a remedy for scorpion bite grind soapnuts with water and take the
paste and apply on scorpion bite area. Burn a cloth and direct the smoke
from this on the area.

* Take 10 grams each of soapnut bark and Indian tinospora( Heart leaved
moon seed) and grind together into paste with water. Make small pills out
of this which can be used immediately or preserved. Consuming one pill
with cow ghee thrice a day removes snake poison from the body by way of
vomiting and diarrhea in a single day. This treatment should be done under
supervision of an ayurvedic doctor.

* Filter some soapnut juice using cloth. put two to three drops in and
near the nose of a person suffering from fits unconscious. The person will
recover soon. Even smelling crushed soapnut pieces daily will cure a
person from fits gradually.

* To cure severe headache and migraine do the following. Take soapnut tree
leaves, crush them crudely and fry in caster oil. Apply these fried leaves
after cooling on the scalp and bandage the same.

Caution before using Soapnut

* Pregnant women should not consume soapnut juice under any situation,
since it can cause abortion

* soapnut juice should be used with in 48 hours only.