Toothpastes or Hidden Poisons ?

Scientifically researched toothpastes are hazardous

Our teeth decide how good we look. Especially when we smile, teeth adds glamour to that smile.
Imagine a good smile with bad teeth? can you? no you can’t !

Just think before you read this article further !
If those so-called scientifically researched, clinically approved toothpastes are that great, then why does current generation suffer from tooth decay and why do our ancestors who used neem sticks etc had rock solid teeth till they lived?

Look on any such toothpaste like colgate, closeup, pepsodent etc.
Americans take care about all health products they use. So they make sure that precautions needed to be taken while using their pastes are written on them.

Precautions written on toothpastes :

1. Children between age 2-6 years should not use more than 1/4th length of paste on toothbrush.

2. Children should be supervised not to swallow toothpastes, and if they do it by mistake, they should be immediately taken to a poison control center and consult a specialist.

But in asian countries these companies don’t bother to publish such precautions.
Few companies don’t even publish the expiry date.

Why should we not use these Toothpastes

Toothpastes are made of Dicalcium Phosphate, which is an extract from dead animals bones.
Flouride exists in many pastes, which causes weakness in bones and breaks them.
They use a chemical named Sodium Laurel Sulphate which is useful in getting foam from pastes when mixed with water or saliva.
This chemical is also used in detergents !
Using this is mouth or swallowing this causes Cancer related diseases.
Usage of Lead , Arsenic in pastes causes harm to kidneys, brain, nerves, liver and muscles.

Observe how many toothpastes have got ISI / Agmark on them ?
No medical association in the world has ever certified Colgate as the safest brand among toothpastes.

The Pricing Drama

To manufacture 1 Kilo of paste it costs just Rs.35/-
But they are selling Kilo paste in market between Rs.275 – Rs. 350/-
Every year Indians buy Rs.200,00,00,000 /- worth of toothpastes and transfer this money to multinational companies and buy bad health and tooth decay.
Is this the real Colgate Suraksha Chakra ??? . Think and react.

What are the alternatives ?

Neem, Babool, Banian, Vajradanti etc sticks are the best to brush our teeth.
Neem has been researched on and found that it can kills 320 types of viruses found in our mouth.
1 Neem Tree gives Rs.15,00,000/- worth of oxygen in its lifetime.

Why should we brush with fingers ?

According to accupuncture, palms and underfeet skin have pressure points for all organs in our body.
If we brush with thumbfinger, Brain and Pitutary glands improve their performance.
Index finger usage can relief mental stress.
Middle finger and ring finger usage can reduce synus and cold problems.
Little finger usage will increase memory.

Usable Toothpastes

For people who can’t use neemsticks etc, there are few toothpastes which are made using ayurvedic method and materials.
Misawak, Neem , Babool , Vicco Vajradanti, Amar, Promise are made in such way and are safe to use on our teeth.

They are vegetarian and have no hazardous chemicals.

Think and react folks !
Why do most of us have tooth decays today and going around dentists when we use toothpastes made by modern day scientists?
Why do people in villages using neem sticks etc still have stronger teeth and have never visited a dentist in their lifetime?
Think and react, else lose your teeth forever.