Mercury and Suicide Tendency

suicidal tendencies in astrologyVedic astrology suggestes that moon controls thoughts in our mind and mercury controls our judgement.
When this mercury(budha) is afflicted by other planets, it gives us wrong judgement and in few cases it provokes towards commiting suicide.

Saturn controls and decides our longevity and if it is connected to 8th house, it very long lifespan.
When saturn is weak, it either kills the person in early age or gives constant health issues.

Sun is the only planet which doesn’t provoke suicide or any depressive thought leading towards suicide.
Sun represents self-esteen, ego and superior nature and when it is strong, a person never lets himself fall into depression, even though moon might try to force him.
Even if sun is weak a person lack the willingness to fight with situations and will compromise with his living conditions and in such cases, mercury takes control and provokes suicide tendency.
Saturn decides if that person will actually die or not.

Mercury conjunction/affliction with other planets and mode of death in suicide cases:

  • Mercury with Rahu : Consuming poison, pesticides, injecting poisonous fluids, jumping off high buildings, suicide bombing etc.
  • Mercury with Moon : Drowning in wells, ponds, rivers, ocean etc waterbodies.
  • Mercury with Ketu : Attempting suidice in holy places (believing that dying there will attain salvation), consuming chemicals like potassium cyanide, consuming excess dose of sleeping pills or drinking liquid mercury. This also causes schizophrenia.
  • Mercury with Saturn : Sleeping on railway track, rash driving and creating accidents, attempting suicides on roads, self stabbing, hanging with rope.
  • Mercury with Mars : Suicide by slitting wrist or throat, setting themselves on fire, self shooting with gun, giving self electric shocks.
  • Mercury with Venus : Attempting painless suicides like consuming drugs or poison before sleep, self accidents etc.
  • Mercury with Jupiter : Suicide by practicing yogic methods like pranayama, completely controlling respiration, attempting jeeva samadhi or by performing own cremation

If no planet is afflicing mercury and still if sun and moon are weak, mercury provokes depression and suicidal thoughts but will not give courage to actually attempt suicide.

In Krishnamurti Paddathi, if the sub lord of the 8th cusp is deposited in the star of a planet signifying Maraka or Bhadhaka houses and also the 8th house and well connected to Mars, one is prone to suicidal death, due to the inability to return the borrowed money, or limitless trading. If the lord of the 8th cusp sub is Mars and if he is lord of or connected to Lagna and the 8th house and be a significator to 8th very much, indicates unnatural death during the period of a planet who is the Bhadhakathipathi Note that the ‘Ayushkaraka’ planet Saturn should not be a significator to the 8th house also.

When saturn is also weak and during bad dasa related to 2,7,8,12 houses, such person will attempt suicide.
If Rahu is powerful and yogakarak in chart, this suicide attempt will fail.
If a person is identified with such horoscope, proper counselling and performing ‘Mrityunjaya homam, rudra homam and chanting/listening vishnu sahasranamam‘ will reduce the ill effects of saturn and mercury.

In future, many will commit suicides because of growing pressure in their lifestyles and also for silly reasons.