Seven Chakras Balancing Meditation

The energy your chakras emit is experienced by you as your thoughts and your feelings! The below illustration will assist with visualization of the following exercise. The colors represent the colors one must visualize in order to cleanse and seven chakras balancing…the energy centers of the soul.

Proper Breathing Method: Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose; hold the breathe three seconds, then exhale slowly releasing the breathe through your mouth.

Step 1. Sit or lie down comfortable; thumbs of hands touching index fingers to recycle your body’s energy. Straighten your back. Take three deep breaths. Remember to relax!

Step 2. Visualize a ball of pure white light entering your body through the top of your head (crown chakra), and gently float the ball downwards through your body to the end of your spine (root chakra). Refer to the illustration to identify chakras and colors. Visualize your root chakra as a red ball. Now visualize the ball of white light merging with the red ball until the two balls become one brilliant, glowing perfect ball of red light. Concentrate on the affirmation for the Root Chakra – “I have an abundance of strength and energy. I express my individuality in a Divine Perfect Way.” Recognize the truth of the affirmation; repeat it to yourself three times…and accept it as your truth now! Take three deep breaths. Your root chakra is now cleansed and balance!

Step 3. Repeat step two for the remaining six chakras. Always lift the ball of white light upwards through your body to the next chakra, merging it with the ball of color pertinent to the chakra you are cleansing and balancing. Remember to relax! Concentrate on the affirmation of each chakra. Repeat it to yourself three times. Accept it as your truth. After each chakra visualization, take three breaths. Three is the number of Trinity Energy.

Step 4. When you have finished cleansing and balancing your seventh chakra (crown chakra), you are now ready for the all important ancient method of psychic self-protection.

Ancient Psychic Self-Protection Method

Step 5. Now visualize the ball of white light gently floating upwards, out of your body, through the top of your head, and suspended inches above your crown chakra. See it disbursing and becoming pure white radiant raindrops showering down, around, and covering your entire body like a warm, refreshing shower. See yourself as a glowing being of pure white light. Visualize a pyramid covering your illumined body. Shower the pyramid, with you inside, with the deep purple light of spirituality. Feel totally relaxed, refreshed, and protected. Give thanks to the Universal Source for this blessing. Now proceed with a psychic reading for someone; or any activity that requires an inordinate amount of wisdom and understanding; or contact your Higher Self for any information you desire.

balancing chakras
balancing chakras

The Following Gemstones and Colors Will Activate the Seven Major Chakra Centers:

Crown Amethyst Violet
Brow Lapis Indigo
Throat Turquoise Blue
Heart Peridot Green
Solar Plexus Citrine Yellow
Sacral Carnelian Orange
RootRuby Red

Quartz Crystal: Place above the crown chakra to expand, transform, and conduct energy.
Obsidian: Place below the root chakra to ground the flow of energy.

(*Denotes Sanskrit Name and Meaning)

1st CHAKRA – Root Chakra (*Muldahara – root/support).
Location: base of spine.
Function: survival/individuality/grounding.
Associated body parts: genito/urinary system, large intestines, bones, legs, and feet.
Unbalanced manifestations: frequent illness, obesity, bowel problems, arthritis, poor eating habits.
Energizing color: Red.
Ruling planet: Saturn (structure, responsibility, ambition, discipline, patience, truth).
Foods: Proteins, meats.

2nd CHAKRA – Sacral Chakra (*Svadhisthana – sweetness).
Location: lower abdomen.
Function: desire/sexuality/procreation.
Associated body parts: genito/urinary system, testicles, prostate, ovaries, womb, kidneys, and circulatory system.
Unbalanced manifestations: bladder/uterine difficulties, lower backpain, impotency, and frigidity.
Energizing color: Orange.
Ruling planet: Mars (desire, sexual energy, courage).
Foods: Liquids.

3rd CHAKRA – Solar Plexus Chakra (*Manipura – lustrous jewel).
Location: Solar Plexus, behind the navel.
Function: power/will. Associated body parts: liver, muscles, digestive system, pancreas, and adrenal glands.
Unbalanced manifestations: liver, stomach disorders, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.
Energizing color: Yellow.
Ruling planet: Sun (Ego, sense of identity, personality, dignity, leadership abilities, willpower).
Foods: Starches.

4th CHAKRA – Heart Chakra (*Anahata – unstuck).
Location: front of chest, near the heart. Function: love/compassion. Associated body parts: heart, lungs, arms, and hands.
Unbalanced manifestations: heart/lung diseases, high blood pressure. Energizing color: Green.
Ruling planet: Venus (love, sensuality – not sex, morals, values). Foods: Vegetables.

5th CHAKRA – Throat Chakra (*Visuddha – purification).
Location: throat. Function: communication/creativity. Associated body parts: respiratory organs, throat, neck, shoulders, thyroid and parathyroid.
Unbalanced manifestations: throat problems, colds, stiff neck, hearing difficulties, and thyroid disorders.
Energizing color: Blue.
Ruling planet: Mercury (reasoning and communication abilities, sensory perceptions, intellect).
Foods: Fruits.

6th CHAKRA – Brow or Third Eye Chakra (*Ajna – to know/perceive).
Location: between the eyebrows in the center of the forehead. Function: intuition/perception/intellect/dreaming.
Associated body parts: the eyes, pineal glands, and secretory functions of the pituitary glands.
Unbalanced manifestations: headaches, insomnia, nightmares, vision problems, and eye disorders.
Energizing color: Indigo (deep purple).
Ruling planet: Jupiter. (higher mind, morality, personal philosophies/beliefs).
Foods: Foods have no effect on the Brow Chakra. However, alcohol, narcotics, and drugs destroy the Brow Chakra.

7th CHAKRA – Crown Chakra (*Sahasrara – thousandfold).
Location: inside the top of the head. Function: understanding/knowledge/wisdom.
Associated body parts: pituitary glands, cerebral cortex, the central nervous system. Controls every aspect of the body and mind. Unbalanced manifestations: depression, confusion, alienation, lack of understanding, lack of ability to relate or learn. Affects the ability to be logical; make decisions.
Energizing color: Violet.
Ruling planet: No one planet rules the Crown Chakra. When conscientiously balanced and cleansed, the Crown Chakra simultaneously uses the positive energy of all the planets of each of the chakras as listed above.
Foods: Foods have no effect on the Crown Chakra. Occasional fasting is recommended for additional cleansing and balancing.

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