Venus Jupiter conjunction August 2014 effects on 12 Moon Signs

Venus Jupiter conjunctionVenus enters Cancer on 7 August 2014 at 13:59 hours IST and will be conjunct Jupiter till 31 August 2014.
Planet Venus in astrology controls love, luxury, comfort, worldly pleasures, sexual life, gemstones, jewellery, life partner, relationship with females, urinary bladder, skin.
Mercury will also be conjunct with these two planets until 12 August 2014.

Venus Jupiter conjunction August 2014 will produce mental stress. The combined effects of planetary trio in cancer will produce sudden and unexpected results.
Flight accidents along with mishaps on water will increase.
Fake babas and Political mafia running gemstones business will be exposed by media.
Many new cars will be launched into the market but automobile business will be alltime low.
Gold and silver prices will be consistent.
Perfumes and deodorants usage will be increase along with their prices.

Sun will also be conjunct these planets in cancer till 16 august 2014.
Saturn’s aspect on cancer and Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus will bring heavy rainfall but mostly useless to agriculture.

Effects of Venus Jupiter conjunction August 2014 on 12 Moon Signs

Aries : Life will become more comfortable and luxurious. Relationship with mother and elderly women will be cordial.
Few can plan to buy new vehicle but it would be better to continue with old one.
Hopes about positive future will increase with some news this month.

Taurus : Someone of you can go on short trips but need to make prior arrangements and good planning to avoid mental strain.
You can meet old friends and relatives this month and will have time to accomplishing things of your interest and habits.

Gemini : Health will be better than last month. Few can expect increased income with control over expenses.
Few can lease their property to add more income.
Additional income source from long distance can also addup this month.

Cancer : Health will be disturbed as frequent migraines or headaches will increase.
Your responsibilities at work will be more but hike in salary will be lesser than expected.
You will become more restless and unknown fear or anxiety about health of spouse can bother.

Leo : Few of you can go on long distance or abroad travel to improve income.
Your contacts and business can increase but at the same time health will be effected.

Virgo : You will work hard to increase business and this can create sleepless nights.
You need to get back in touch with old friends, seniors and elders to handle pressure situations.
Hopes of positive future will keep you going.

Libra : Your dilemma and delay in taking decisions will effect income sources.
You need to curb your instincts to invest in new areas.
If you do not control expenses, you can lose all your reserves.

Scorpio : Venus Jupiter conjunction August 2014 will be helpful in expanding your business.
For the married couples, Venus will bring bliss in marital happiness. Your efforts to change job will become successful.
During this transit period, you may easily get a new job with increased salary. Health may get affected and you may easily come under the influence of diseases.
You can recover your health with complete rest and treatment. For the students, this time is very favorable.

Sagittarius : This transit is highly unfavorable as four planets in 8th house, may cause hurdles in the tasks likely to happen in this phase.
More than usual ups and downs at workfront will increase mental worries. Luck will not support much; thus, keep a positive attitude.
Balanced diet will help you to deal with health issues that may occur during this period.
Unexpected profits are possible.

Capricorn : Few of you can turn love affairs into marriage this month.
But if already married, this month can be troublesome.
Income of family members will increase. This is best time to start new business or acquire one.
To overcome bad luck, give some time to religious deeds, in early morning. Try to deal with business rivals through conversation and stay away from taking it to court.
Your kids will do well

Aquarius : You can invest money in shares, mutual funds, deposits etc to add more income for future.
Avoid multiple love affairs, flirting with opposite sex.
You can get support from maternal aunt and uncle and can expand business.
Health will be ordinary.

Pisces : You kid’s health can become a cause of concern this month.
New found friendship can soon turn into love or short term romantic affair.
Few of you might get interested in learning law. Try to maintain balance in your thoughts with life partner to enhance the harmony and love of conjugal life.
Accumulation of wealth will increase. Matters related to paternal property may come up.
You may travel somewhere for recreation with your spouse or close friend.