4 Planets Stellium 2024 in Taurus, May-June Vedic Astrology Predictions

Mercury enters Taurus (Vrishabha Rasi) at 10:51 IST on 31 May 2024 and joins Jupiter, Sun, Venus in same sign which forms 4 planets stellium.
4 planets stellium in Taurus 2024

Stellium is conjunction of four or more planets in same sign and its effects are drastic.
Usually, when 4 or more planets are conjunct in a natal horoscope, native undergoes severe stress, both mentaly and physically, which ends up in depression.
They get detached from materialistic relations due to words and actions of family members, friends.
Similar incidents happen when 4 planets stellium occurs in transit.
As this happens in Taurus, most effected signs apart from them will be Gemini (Mithuna Rasi), Libra (Thula Rasi), Scorpio (Vrischika Rasi) and Aquarius (Kumbha Rasi).
They will go through heavy expenditure, fear and threats, severe opposition and delays at work.
Will have to take blame for no reason or mistake.
Luckily, karmic planets Saturn and Rahu are neither aspecting or conjunct this 4 planets stellium, which is not causing too much of negative effects.

Last time Four Planets, Mars, Mercury, Sun and Moon were conjunct in Leo (Simha Rasi) during August 2023.
Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini (Mithuna Rasi) at 16:22 IST on 12 June 2024.
This ends the 4 planets stellium and its effects on all signs.
During these 13 days, Jupiter will come out of combustion on 3rd June and offers positive results for Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.
If your vimsottari dasa or antar-dasa changes during these 13 days, its will be extremely positive or negative, depending on your ascendant and moon sign.
If Venus, Sun or Moon are part of that dasa or antar-dasa, June 2024 will brings sudden new and unimaginable opportunities.
These 13 days will be most intense and bring in many changes regarding mindset, investments, relationships with family members and domestic harmony.
Peak of this transit will be on 5-6 June 2024, when Moon joins them and it will be a 5 planet stellium in Taurus during New Moon day.

4 Planets Stellium influence on 12 Moon Signs

Aries : You will want to take a break but family resposibilities are not giving away too many holidays.
Financially a better period but health does not cooperate. Lack of stamina and some hidden fears in subconscious do not let you enjoy situations as others.
You cannot meet expectations every time.

Taurus : Sleepless nights worrying about health of an elder family member. Future looks uncertain with growing expenses and kids.
Try to avoid late night drinks, dinner and driving.
Skin allergies, growth on tissues and cells inside body, gallbladder or kidney stones possible.
Watch your diet and weight.

Gemini : Debts and mistakes from past come back to haunt you.
Health and wealth go down. June will be the toughest month this year. Reputation is at stake.
Separation from loved ones, injuries or loss of physical fitness, criticism in friends circle and social media possible.
Life seems to be directionless.

Cancer : Financial benefits, travel regarding work, reaching a powerful position in office, New house or buying furniture possible.
You will plan a vacation soon with family and friends.
Only upset will be health of spouse and your inability to help others, despite your authority.

Leo : Hopeless position at work. Financially too, this month is bad for you.
Overconfident words and actions from past comeback to settle karmic scores. You will be criticized both at home and work.
There will be enough money to survive and whatever earned will be spent like tap water.

Virgo : Much better position is reached in career. Enemies surrender and your power increases.
Uttara Phalguni undergo some struggle and setbacks after 12 June but Hasta has better time ahead.
There will be lost of expectations on you but priorities, targets are changed.
Knee pain is possible.

Libra : Bad dreams, ill-health, irresponsible spouse, frequent arguments at home possible.
Financial position is also not upto expectations. Avoid litigations and arguments.
Diseases related to genital organs can trouble few of them.
Reduce your social and online footprint.

Scorpio : Delays at work create frustration. Health improves after 4 June and some financial relief possible.
You need divine blessings which were missing since past 2 years. Pilgrimage to a sacred place can help to some extent.
Despite some opposition, you can still be hopeful of favorable results.

Sagittarius : Health needs utmost care. Indigestion can cause more complications to existing diseases.
Chronic diseases can come back due to poor diet and mental worries.
Avoid loans and signing as surety for others. Property disputes can be disturbing.

Capricorn : Your plans regrading children and loved ones will fail. Apart from this, everything else looks in control.
Health improves and so does bank balance.
As long as you do NOT interfere in lives of others, nothing can bother you.
Singles can meet someone interesting.

Aquarius : Socially you are busy, but financial matters get delayed. Expenditure increases as you try to expand business.
Health is on the down side and most of you suffer from loneliness, which cannot be explained to others.
Everyone listens to your woes but offers no solution.

Pisces : Lot of physical strain during first week of June and you will recover soon.
Communication is often misunderstood.
Financially better position after this stellium ends on 12 June.
Short travel keeps you in good mood. Avoid fake people !