Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2015 in Cancer, Leo

Venus conjuncts Jupiter in Cancer zodiac sign on 30 May 2015 at around 18:30 IST.
These two highly benefic planets will remain conjunct until 13 August 2015 while transiting Cancer and Leo signs.
This combination is the most coveted one attracting good fortune when the two planets come together in any sign.
jupiter venus conjunction cancer leo

Concurrently a very contradictory, hot and angry conjunct transit of Mars + Sun would also be in operation along with this beautiful combination of Jupiter-Venus.
However, Mars and Sun will be transiting Taurus, Gemini in next two months, which will not effect positive influences of Jupiter + Venus on many signs.
Only Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn will be effected to some extent.
This high-heat and furious combination would be rendered further very volatile with the presence of Mercury in Taurus along with Sun & Mars from the 15th of May 2015.
These two parallel transits would give you gains & stress simultaneously.
The most effected signs would be Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio and Sagittarius who would come under direct influence of Mars + Sun.
Scorpio and Sagittarius will have the saving grace of Jupiter’s aspect before and after 14 July 2015.

People born under Moon Signs and Ascendants of Pisces, Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius will have special opportunities that the Venus-Jupiter combine would create in the areas of rise in status, creative intelligence & opportunities relating to intellect, excellent happiness with regard to children and if expected, then birth or conception of a child making you complacent with success while the Mars-Sun-Mercury combination could make you rub people in power the wrong way and possibly miss great opportunities, bringing in issues with siblings, health issues to ears & arms, aggressive speech & things that you write that could inflame people around you.

Venus-Jupiter combination along with the Mars-Mercury-Sun combination will help you identify the high opportunity areas & times as well as the domains where you require utmost caution.
Most of us are going to enter into a hyper active phase of two & a half months, when the 5 planet combination will be in operation bringing in a series of opportunities & distresses at the same time.
These two parallel transits will open up a cycle of gains & stresses simultaneously in our lives. While the Venus – Jupiter combine will create many gainful periods in the areas like real estate, creativity & investments, home & children, as it transits over the houses ruling these areas, the more charged up combination of Sun – Mars – Mercury could possibly make us miss some of these great opportunities resulting in financial losses and pressures.

This strange period of stress & gain would continue abnormally long till 13th August as both Jupiter & Venus would continue being together transiting from Cancer to Leo, creating a relatively large & peculiar span of very lucky & happy influences upon you while Sun – Mars – Mercury combine will bring in the times of stress & period of caution from the volatile results of the planetary transits.

Effects of Jupiter Venus Conjunction 2015 in Cancer Leo (June-August) on 12 Zodiac Moon Signs

Aries : Period of stress and strain at work along with monetary tensions will ease out after July.
Will take time to relax and rethink about new oppurtunities.

Taurus : Confusion and chaos in managing time, meeting deadlines, planning, expenditure, useless travelling will happen until June.
It is important to stick to original plans and appointments.

Gemini : Above predictions for Taurus will apply from July along with tensions in relationships, disputes with partners.
Better to lay low and postpone plans of love, marriage for few months,

Cancer : Highly fortunate period will start from mid-july regarding money and work.
Health of a family member will remain a cause of concern.

Leo : Stressful period starts from mid-july. Need to control speech, anger and expenditure. Few wasted oppurtunities will be repented.

Virgo : You need to extract maximum benefits from your work, relations before July.
Useless undertakings will test your patience later.

Libra : Fortunate period continues with improved health from mid-july. Only area of concern will be health and wellbeing of family members.

Scorpio : Stressful period continues but positive aspect of Jupiter will guard you till mid-july. Beyond that point, you need to follow strict remedies for Sun, Mars, Saturn to keep going.

Sagittarius : Jupiter and Venus in Leo from mid-july will be saving grace from heat of Mars + Sun.
Health will be effected as pain below hip area and fat or sugar in body increases.

Capricorn : Tricky time as Jupiter + Venus will prove both positive and negative before and after 14 July.
Same is the case with Sun + Mars who can play dual roles.
Positive influence of Saturn will guard you from July.

Aquarius : Health will be badly effected before July. Visiting holy places, nature cure centers, deep sleep can give some relief.
Career growth of a family member will give satisfaction in second half of this year.

Pisces : They can attract heavy funds, new oppurtunities, love interests between June-July 2015 but will also be under severe pressure to perform and live upto expectations after July.