Seven Planets Influence Gemini and Sagittarius in August 2020

During first half of August, 7 planets will be either be transiting or aspecting Gemini (Mithuna Rasi), making life tougher.
Gemini Sagittarius August 2020

Mercury, Rahu, Venus will be transiting Gemini, while Jupiter (Retrograde), Ketu in Sagittarius and Mars in Pisces are aspecting them.
Moon will be transiting between Sagittarius and Gemini during 1st-16th August 2020.
Mercury will be leaving Gemini on 2nd August, while Venus enters and remains conjunct Rahu throughout the month.
Mars enters Aries (Mesha Rasi) on 16 August and later gets into stationary mode (and also Retrograde).
During entire month, Jupiter+Ketu in Sagittarius and Venus+Rahu in Gemini will continue to bother those who are born with moon in Taurus (Vrishabha), Gemini (Mithuna), Cancer (Karkataka), Scorpio (Vrischika), Capricorn (Makara).
Pisces (Meena) born can face confusions at work and loss of comforts at home.
Except, Saturn and Sun (which are opposing each other), all other planets effect Gemini during August 2020.

Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius need to avoid senseless talk, digging up past of others and demean them.
If someone drags you into a debate, divert the topic, avoid shouting loudly to prove your point and in the end make fun of yourselves.
They, along with Cancer sign also needs to take good care of health and avoid cosmetics, as skin allergies, rashes can destroy their natural charm.
Insomnia, irregular diet
Capricorn born need to avoid unnecessary expenses and stay at home. Most of them can find peace in spiritual activities.
People born with moon in Aquarius (Kumbha), Pisces (Meena), Aries (Mesha), Leo (Simha), Virgo (Kanya), Libra (Thula) and if are actors, writers, singers, dancers or musicians, then August 2020 can be enterprising. They can start with revolutionary and creative ideas.
However, they need to watchout for chances of getting carried away while dealing with opposite gender.
Mars aspecting Gemini until 16 august, adds fuel to love fire.
Leo, Pisces and Aries born experience dreams that open up their spiritual side.
Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn need to watchful as this month can lead to unpopularity in social life and religious activities.

Monthly Forecasts for August 2020

1 August : Venus enters Gemini – Dilemma or doubt in love can cause seperations. Do not overthink or investigate into past.

2 August : Mercury enters Cancer – Mercury opposing Saturn causes insults and pain, wanderer aimlessly, less intelligent and low income for Capricorn and Cancer moon signs.
This will disturb marital life. Spouse, kids and family responsibilities can drive them away frequently.
More people can suffer from lungs or heart related disease.

3 August : Full Moon in Capricorn – This Saturn conjunct Moon reminds us of our needs for friendship, community, as well as impartiality and objectivity. We cannot ignore our larger goals and our need to give back to the community or a group that supports us.

6 August : Venus conjunct Rahu – Not good for celebrities and few developing countries where Covid-19 is spreading.
Maximum number of cases will be seen in India, Brazil. Development of vaccine gives some hope.

9 August : Moon conjunct Mars – Women need to watch their health as blood related infections, diseases can aggravate. Keep anger under control and practice silence.

10 August : Moon Square Saturn, Mercury square Moon – Stay away from cold showers, rain and windy conditions. Drink enough warm water to avoid catching cold. Also not a good day for loans.

15 August : Moon conjunct Rahu – Wierd dreams, illusions, crazy ideas can occur in dreams. Good day for artists, writers, painters.

16 August : Venus conjunct Moon – Creativity will be on higher side. Start writing something which you have always postponed.

17 August : Moon opposition Saturn. Sun enters Leo – Avoid giving or taking loans today. Also stay away from outside weather to prevent climatic illness. Time to regain lost fitness.

18 August : Mercury enters Leo, Mars enters Aries – Mars will get into stationary mode soon. Mercury combust with Sun in Leo asks us to avoid all communication unless urgent.
Gossips, chatting can lead to misunderstandings.

18-19 August : New Moon in Cancer-Leo – Moon opposing Saturn can cause ill-health to aged people. Watchout for cheaters, both offline and online.

26 August : Venus opposition Jupiter – Avoid gossips, loose talk and curiosity to know secrets of others. Today is best for learning something useful.

18 August : Mercury enters Leo, Mars enters Aries – Read a book, play a sport. Make this day count.

27-28 August : Moon conjunct Ketu – Mental setbacks can cause dispassion, detachment, or renunciation. Avoid forming new relations or commitments today.

29 August : Mercury trine Jupiter – Great day to settle old accounts, clear debts and start afresh.