Sleep Habits of the Zodiac Moon Signs

Your zodiac moon sign, planets influencing 12th house, moon and its conjunctions, saturn in horoscope determines sleeping pattern, habits in bed, dreams etc.
Although its a vast subject, a look at your moon sign gives an idea of your sleeping habits.
If you have a disturbed sleeping pattern, it can be corrected.
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Sleep Habits of the Zodiac Moon Signs and Ideas for Improvement

Aries : Usually they sleep like a log but whenever something bothers their mind, sleep is lost.
They can have vivid dreams related to their thoughts, events in their present life during times of depression or tensions.
Arians should try to sleep in cooler rooms with a comfortable bed and zero noise.

Taurus : They need to sleep well to maintain their beauty. Taurans needs a tasteful bed, dim lighting, comfortable bed, no noise, hydenic bed, soft pillows to sleep tight.
They should avoid attending phone calls, getting into arguments before sleep.
Also if they sleep early, they will look fresh next day.
They must avoid addictions like alcohol before hitting bed.

Gemini : They are restless sleepers who would like to chat while on bed.
Only way they can sleep well is by switching off their computers, cellphones before hitting bed.
Also they should avoid thinking of others, collecting all useless information during night time.

Cancer : They can help others, including their family members to sleep well but they themselves suffer from either excess sleep or insomnia.
They cannot sleep well during travel or in new places.
Only way for them to improve their sleep is by arranging a good bed and not taking thoughts about others to bed.

Leo : They are lazy even to sleep and can get to a better sleep only when relaxed and feel secured.
They should leave everything that happened during daytime outside their bedroom and try to sleep on their back.

Virgo : Too much thinking, planning and worrying can spoil their sleep.
They tend to develop dark circles quickly when suffering from insomnia.
They must stop worrying about future or past and just sleep.
Gemini and Virgo need to meditate before sleeping.

Libra : Libra needs everything being balanced.
Just like Taurus, they too need good environment to sleep well and look healthy.

Scorpio : They are the Night Owls of the zodiac !
Scorpions can spend entire night either working, reading, chatting or browsing and still remain uneffected next morning.
But in long run, they need to develop good sleeping habits to maintain health from middle age.
Meditation at nights can help them.

Sagittarius : They always want to travel and if they cannot, their mind will travel.
This can cause inadequate sleep.
They should take long gaps between each trip and imagine less about travelling.

Capricorn : Sleeping is like just another daily chore to complete for them.
They maintain timings and sleep as if its a duty to be performed at that particular time.
They need to learn how to relax during sleep and be less practical in bed.

Aquarius : They are the most sleep deprived sign in entire zodiac.
They always worry about what others think, do or what might happen in future.
Only way for them to sleep well is by switching off all gadgets, practicing yoga and meditation during nights.

Pisces : They are most imaginative creatures and would love to dream in sleep and even day-dream.
For them, dreaming or imagining is a way of self-healing and getting rid of all negativity.
They are spiritual and can analyze their vivid dreams too which can help them understand complicated things.
They should sleep whenever their body or mind demands.