Mars transit in Leo (August-September 2019), Effects

Mars (Mangal/Kuja) will be transiting in its friendly sign Leo (Simha Rasi) during 9 August – 25 September 2019.
These 51 days will bring huge relief to people born under moon signs and ascendants of Pisces, Aries, Gemini, Libra and Scorpio.
Mars transit in Leo

Mars has been involved in Graha Yuddha, Rahu conjuncion, combustion due to close proximity with Sun during past 3 months while transiting Gemini and Cancer.
Also they were inimical and debilitated signs for Mars.
Now it is comfortably placed in Leo, but still combust through out August and September.
Due to combustion, effects will be reduced but masculine, fiery nature of Mars can be experienced in Leo.
The more you work, more you get paid is Mars sutra when in own or friendly sign.
Since the Mars sign shows how people respond when they are angry and how they react to the anger in others, Mars in Leo causes people to become angered and highly uncooperative due to pride and respect (the lack of) issues.
It is important to keep this in mind when interacting with others and cooperation is required.
Remember that respect, cooperation etc are two-way traffic.

Leo appreciates the dramatic! This is a great time to do something sensational and, with the fiery drive of Mars in this sign, it favors initiating new activities just for yourself. The need for attention can make people take risks, initiate action and go for the “big time.” This can be a very exciting time.
When angered or provoked, Mars in Leo will manifest as a disturbance in the biochemical cell salt of Magnesium Phosphate. This cell salt acts upon the motor nerves and these respond to any pain felt in the sensory nerves. Magnesium Phosphate is found inside the cells of muscles, nerves, bones, the brain and spine. Deficiency affects muscle fibers and nerve endings. This is known as the anti-pain cell salt. It helps us to let go and relax.

Mars in Leo aspects Jupiter in Scorpio, which can make people get violent for justice.
However, justice will be delivered for those who waited for ages. Mars also aspects Aquarius and Pisces, out of which Aquarians need to exercise anger management, self control.
Pisceans can find improved health, successful completion of technical projects, purchase or investments in electronics etc.
Monetary gains are also possible.

Mars in Leo (Simha Rasi), Effects on 12 Moon Signs

Aries (Mesha) : You will be insensitive to few relations. Less emotional and more physical will be your expression for next 7 weeks.
Financial adjustments will take more time than expected. Health of self will be good but an elder or kid at home needs more attention.
Control your thoughts and words while dealing with opposite gender. Good time for outdoor sports.

Taurus (Vrishabha) : Health of mother can cause some worry. Domestic environment can be disturbed. Avoid late night parties and self driving.
Also stay away from law enforcement.

Gemini (Mithuna) : Self confidence will increase but you need to be careful while dealing with elders and those in authority.
Avoid conflicts with neighbours, siblings and also control speech.

Cancer (Karkataka) : Unbalanced diet, untimely sleep, unplanned and unrealistic ambitions can ruin these 7 weeks.
Attempts for a new job or change in career path can backfire once again.
Your family needs time and dedication.

Leo (Simha) : Increased vitality and energy can misguide you. Need to understand difference between self confidence and over confidence.
Mars can make you head strong, selfish, self assertive, quarrelsome over triffles.

Virgo (Kanya) : You want to know secrets that happened behind your back. You will not ge given due credit and recognition.
Mars in 12th house creates secret enemies, insomnia, ill-health, trouble with authorities.
Refrain from all types of confrontations.

Libra (Thula) : This is best time to formulate goals and plan for tomorrow. Gemerally, Mars tends to work alone due to its ego centered nature, but 11th house is for group activities, team work.
You need to play the leader role and organize things.

Scorpio (Vrischik) : After some disappointing weeks, this will be finally some good time. Health of mother and delays in financial transactions can be the only bothering factors.
Brain works better during day, than in night.

Sagittarius (Dhanus) : There will be some hope and help from relatives or friends living abroad.
Good time for research, spiritual progress. Ego of partner can become an obstacle. Few will try to sell ancestral property.

Capricorn (Makara) : There will be multiple disappointments. Family members disagree on many issues.
Secret ailments, loss of money, indigestion can give you some sleepless nights. Few questions about future, life and death can cross your mind in loneliness.

Aquarius (Kumbha) : Disagreement with partner, joint or muscle pains, depression, useless communications, loose talk, gossips can happen without your control.
Do not invest money now.

Pisces (Meena) : Health will improve after long time. You will be back with fitness routine, timely diet and sleep.
Sudden inflow of money is also possible. Love life can also improve with a younger person from opposite gender expressing themselves openly.
But do not get physically involved as Venus, Mars are still combust.
Good time to resolve all legal issues.