Six Planets Influence Cancer in August 2019

Mercury, Sun, Venus, Mars will be transiting Cancer, while Jupiter aspects throughout the month.
Moon also influences cancer around full moon day on 14-15 August.
Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer sign has already been under influence of multiple malefic planets since 2018. Rahu and Ketu were heavily influencing it along with other conjunctions.
Negative influences will continue for another 5-6 weeks. This causes confusion in career, low income, unexpected expenditures, ill-health of self or family members.
Amavasya (New Moon) in Cancer (Karkataka Rasi), Pournami (Full Moon) in Capricorn (Makara Rasi), Kala Sarpa Dosha, Mars debilitated, Venus, Mars and Mercury combustion create all confusions.
People born in cancer or capricorn moon sign or ascendant must postpone all major decisions till end of september and lead a low profile life.
Leo and Aquarius moon sign and ascendant born should also be careful as all these planets will soon be influencing them.
People born in Aquarius and Virgo can have better month ahead. All others can go through health, family or financial problems.

Planetary Aspects and Influences in August 2019

Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15: Venus is close to the Sun in Cancer and opposes the Moon in Capricorn. Party time, but be careful of taking things too far.

Sunday August 4: Mars quincunx Saturn: Little arguments can become big very fast. Watch your temper.

Wednesday August 7: Sun trine Jupiter and quincunx Saturn: Jupiter gives good luck. Then the Saturn causes problems. Do not be overconfident.

Thursday August 8: Venus trine Jupiter: A good day to just enjoy things. But do not go too far.

Friday August 9: Venus quincunx Saturn: You will pay for any overindulgence from yesterday’s party.

Saturday August 10: Sun quincunx Saturn, Ketu: Do not start any major projects for the next four days. This aspect and the ones that follow will produce too much confusion.

Sunday August 11: Venus quincunx Saturn, Ketu: Relationships may be off-center today. Play it cool.

Monday August 12 and Tuesday August 13: If you are an artist, this can be an inspiration. If you are involved in spiritual meditation, this can mean major progress. For the rest of us, it is a time to lay low and wait until the confusion passes.

Wednesday August 14: Venus conjunct Sun: Feelings are intensified but emotional matters cannot be settled today. Wait for better aspects.

Wednesday August 21: Mercury quincunx Saturn and Mercury trine Jupiter: Today may start with doubt but it can end with confidence. Save your important communications for later in the day. Use the morning to prepare.

Saturday August 24: Venus conjunct Mars: The first on is good for enjoyment. The second aspect means watch out for arguments.

Monday August 26: Venus trine Saturn+Ketu: Today you can enjoy yourself by doing something new.

Wednesday August 28: Mars trine Saturn+Ketu: Break your routine and do something different and original today.

Thursday August 29: Sun trine Saturn+Ketu: Continue doing new and different things.