Planetary Influence in October 2019

Mars, Sun, Venus will be transiting Virgo, while Mercury in Libra during first half of October 2019. During second half of the month, 2 planets from Virgo will enter Libra, while Mars remains in same sign.
This transit causes some trouble for Thula Rasi (Libra) born, as they are caught in a situation where they can neither correct past mistakes, nor apologize for them.
Libra October 2019

Librans can find their plans at work misfiring and more than normal hardwork required to complete even smaller tasks.
Strain is caused in litigations and property matters due to Mars transit.
Avoid speculations as heavy losses are possible in coming weeks. Health also needs care as digestive system can get upset.
Pisceans also need to be watchful as most planets either oppose or transit in 8th house.
Scorpions need to maintain low profile for another 2 months as miscalculations can happen in money matters. Health of an elder family member demands your time.
Capcicorn, Leo can have better time than past few months.
Cancereans still continue to live a compromised life at home and work.
People born in other signs will have average month.

Planetary Transit in October 2019

Monday October 7: Sun square Saturn: If you have been putting off important tasks, problems will arise today. Take care of them immediately. If you ignore them, they will get worse fast.

Sunday October 13: Sun sextile Jupiter and Full Moon in Pisces : Finally some extra luck today to help you with your plans.
Concentrate on fixing and repairing things around your house. That also means getting rid of things and a good time to go on a healthier diet.

Monday October 14: Mercury sextile Saturn : Mercury and Saturn will keep your mind focused on practical matters. Avoid confrontations now. Little disputes have a way of becoming big.

Sunday October 20: Venus sextile Saturn: This is a good day to enjoy quiet pleasures. It is also a good time to do some work (Saturn) to beautify (Venus) yourself or your surroundings.

Friday October 25: Venus sextile Ketu: Do something enjoyable today. Ketu will increase your pleasure.

Sunday October 27: Mars square Saturn and New Moon in Virgo-Libra : Arguments today are much less likely to end well. Avoid confrontations.
It can also give ideas that are totally insane. Unfortunately, it does not tell you which it is. Think about that great new idea for a while before you jump into action. New Moons can tempt you into new relations, so better postpone decisions for 2 weeks.

Wednesday October 30: Mercury conjunct Venus: This is great for charming communications. Talk to someone you care for.

Thursday October 31: Mercury turns Retrograde: The usual. Do not start major new projects because they are more likely to fall through now. Just continue with things you already started. Take extra time traveling because there will be increased delays with transportation and communications.