Saturn re-enters Libra on 2 August 2012

Saturn transits Libra 2012-14Slow moving planet Saturn, will be re-entering its exalted sign Libra on 2nd august 2012 at 17:20 hrs (IST).
Last year on 14 november, saturn entered libra but due to retrograde motion, it came back into virgo in may 2012.

Now from 2nd august, saturn will give the same results as it gave between last november-may but they will be delivered at a faster rate.
This is because saturn will transit the same distance that it travelled in 6 months, in less than 70 days now.
During next 70 days, saturn will be at its peak of exaltation as it will be in its exalted sign libra, both in rasi and navamsa (D-9).

On october 11 2012, saturn is entering into swati nakshatra, which it will transit for 1 year.
Saturn’s current transit on chitra nakshatra is not good for people born with moon in visakha, aswini and mrigasira.

For leo born natives (ascendant and moon sign) , 7.5 years of sade sathi will end on 2nd august 2012 and they will start seeing better oppurtunities in life.
Their health and financial position will start improving.

For Virgo born natives, this will be last leg of sani’s 7.5 years transit and testing time will continue.
For libra born natives, this transit till 2014 november will be testing time in many aspects of life.
Scorpio born are just entering into bad saturn transit of 7.5 years and they should take care in financial dealings, family relations and health.

If born with moon in bharani nakshatra, during next 2 years, they will be forced to change place of residence, heavy loss of money and reputation due to opposite sex, health issues, death of elders, pressure from loans will be experienced.

If born with moon in mrigasira nakshatra, saturn causes mental depression, financial loss, seperation or death of loved ones.
For Magha nakshatra born, pressure of loans, death or ill-health of family members causing expenditure, lack of self control will be seen.

For Hastha nakshatra born, saturn in libra will cause financial loss, victim of cheating, lack of judgement, seperation from important persons, change of residence.

For Visakha nakshatra born,saturn in libra will cause financial loss, death of close relatives.
For Jyesta nakshatra born, Saturn in Libra will cause loss at work or no job, insult and humiliations from opposite sex, disposal of ancestral properties and savings.

For Uttarashada nakshatra born, Saturn in Libra will cause depression, death of family members and some expenditure.

This saturn’s transit is libra will be exceptionally good for people born with moon under these constellations : Arudra, Poorva Phalguni, Sravanam.

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Saturn’s conjunction with mars in virgo and libra will cause frequent deaths through accidents till september 2012.