Six planets influence Scorpio in July-August 2012

Scorpio predictions august 2012Three planets, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu in Taurus, Two planets Rahu and Moon in Scorpio and Saturn in Virgo will influence the sign scoprio (vrishchik rashi) from 28 july 2012.
Influence of moon will minimize from 30 july, and Venus will move into Gemini on 31 july.
From 2 august, saturn will come back into libra and stop aspecting scorpio.
After 2 august, jupiter will continue to aspect scorpio along with , ketu and rahu till november.

During these days, scorpio born natives will experience confusion and possible chaos in personal lives.
Saturn aspecting Rahu in scorpio will be bad for people born with moon placed under Visakha nakshatra’s 4th quarter and Anuradha.

Taurus born natives will also experience some part of this opposition from planets as five out of six (except saturn) of these planets are influencing them.
For them, disturbed relations with spouse of business partner, possible robbery or theft, mental distubance will be experienced.

Capricorn and Aquarius natives will do good from august.
Gemini born will struggle to get rid of health, financial issues or court cases.
Cancer born will develop interest in philanthropy or specualtion.
Leo natives will struggle at their home and workplace.

Virgo born will find some relief from august.
Libra natives will enter into a difficult phase.

Sagittarus and Pisces born will start sensing better days ahead after august first week.

Politically, indian government will face opposition on corruption charges but this time, response from citizens will not be enough to cause a threat.