Sun Effects in Krodhi Nama Samvatsara (2024-25)

Sun is Dhaanyadhipathi (Cereals and Grains) for Vedic New Year Krodhi Nama Samvatsara (2024-25).
Sun Krodhi Nama Samvatsara (2024-25)Wheat and red or brown color grains, rice, tamarind, onion , cashews and spices will have increased prices.
Accidents occur in ores, oil and natural gas wells.
Archeology department discover many submerged temples and forts.
Fire accidents possible in oil wells, which lead to blow outs.
Wheat and multi grain flour will be consumed more than ever.
Farmers protest for undue and inappropriate demands, just to disrput the government.
More rainfall but agriculture and food production will be good.
More production leads to more exports.
Government tries to restrict price hike of food grains.

Men and women in age group of 20-40 face many physical and psychological issues.
More number of cases will be filed with courts. Most of them will be about family and property issues.
Barren lands are also in demand for real estate.
Buying a house in cities will be the most challenging task.
Dairy and cattle business prospers as milk and its by products are in demand.
Basmati rice, cotton, textile industry also prospers.
Share market is volatile and swings multiple times.