Vijaya Nama Samvatsara Predictions for 2013-14

The new hindu New Year named Vijaya is starting on 10th April 2013, 15:06 hours IST.
And from next day’s sunrise, the new year is counted.
It has Simha Lagna with Saturn(Retrograde) with Rahu in libra, Sun with Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus in pisces, Jupiter in taurus and Ketu in aries.

5 planets (including lagna lord) in 8th house indicate threatening conditions for survival of civilized societies.
Mars in watery sign Pisces aspecting retrograde Saturn and Rahu indicate terrorist threats, war-like conditions, bomb blasts, volcano eruptions (under sea), natural calamities to islands.
Lagna lord Sun in 8th house indicates that people will accept injustice or crime and live with it.
Common man’s life will become miserable.
Jupiter in Taurus (in karma sthana) makes people toil hard for lesser results.
Governments will not consider solving any problems, nor will they try to reduce financial burdens on its citizens.

Vijaya Nama new year 2013-14 predictions and horoscope

Saturn and Rahu in Libra will make governments topple and in many places where elections will happen this year, power will slip away from the hands of existing authorities.
Saturn is against anarchy or dictatorship and believes in democracy.
This planet in libra (balance) promotes new talent (who doesn’t have family backing) in all popular fields.
New generation politicians, movie stars, sports persons, scientists etc will emerge this year.

Venus and Moon in 8th house is bad indication for lovers and couples who are already married or in a relation.
Divorce rates, sexual harassment of women will increase even after many new laws being made to protect women.
Mercury also in debilitated 8th house will make politician backstab each other, change parties for power and get involved in financial scams.

Mars influence on exalted but combust Venus will make women aggressive but still being victimized of atrocity.
Economy of majority countries will be on backfoot and governments will have no clue about improving the situation.

Ketu will cause aggressive preaching and publicizing of few religions and also opposition for relgiious conversions from other religions.

The period wise results will be as follows in this year :

  • Between 11 April – 30 June : Due to three or four planets conjunction in Aries, Taurus and Gemini, political distrurbances are possible in many

    countries. Indian government will face stiff opposition during budget session.
    This year summer will be hottest of recent times due to sun and mars conjunction in aries.
    Major fire accidents in cities and forests will cause huge damage to properties.
    People will get frustrated and try to revolt on governments in few countries.
    Few fake babas and gurus will be exposed by media.
    Share market will be fluctuating but will maintain hopes.
    Frequent accidents possible on roads, railway tracks and in air.
    Suicides will increase.

  • Between 1 July – 30 September : Mars and Jupiter conjunction in airy sign Gemini will cause heavy rainfall, cyclones and tsunamis.
    Majority rainfall will be wasted in cities and mountains.
    Petroleum products prices will be increased.
    Tsunami will hit islands like indonesia, sumatra etc in pacific ocean.
    Gold and silver prices will be marginally reduced but will increase again.
    Communal riots in few indian cities, which will be controlled intime by police.
    Heavy floods will disturb normal life in east coast of india.
    Political equations will change suddenly.
  • Between 1 October – 31 December : Four planets in libra will cause heavy loss to agriculture and normal life in east coast of india.
    Minimum 2 cyclones will hit the coastal area.
    State governments will try to protect farmers. Share market will be volatile and disappointing.
    Few babas will protest against government.
    Politicians will jump parties to face elections in india.

    Many countries will experience earth quakes and frequent flight crashes.
    Few multinational companies will go bankrupt and closedown.
    Inflation will increase beyond grovernment’s control.

  • Between 1 January 30 March : Congress party will lose power in india.
    BJP will form new coalitions for power.
    Terrorist attacks, bomb blasts will shock few indian cities.
    Gold and silver prices will increase more.
    Real estate will pickup after elections in many cities of india.
    Frequent fire and road accidents will continue.
    Regional parties will dictate terms in new government formation.

    Citizens of very few countries will live in peace.

As for Vedic Panchanga (Almanac) there will be a cabinet for the year(2013-14) as shown below :

These yearly predictions are based on entry of sun into various rasis and most importantly into makara(capricorn) and Mesha(aries) besides lunar year beginning.