Sun in various houses of Navamsa Chart

Sun is the King of Solar system and in Vedic astrology Sun is referred as the King of planets.
Sun is the Source of Prana, Light, and life energy. It is refered as Father, Leader, Monarch, Powerful positions held in society.
Sun in various houses of Navamsa Chart D-9

Sun in various Navamsa owned by different Planets

Sun in Own house (Leo) : Native will love drama, fiction, music. Enjoys creating strife between groups.
Have the natural ability to lead and inspire others but prefers to be a loner.
Behaves like a Lion in love related matters. Surrenders to their partner when assured a stable relationship. If no assurance from partner, then can be a big time flirt.
Hails from a family of reputation and history. Well versed in literature and history. Can read minds and understand human psychology with ease.

Sun in Venus (Sukra) Navamsa (Taurus and Libra) : They continue to love what they loved in their past life (lives). Few love affairs can continue from past life.
Will have strained relations with women. Their talent goes unrecognized in cinema and other entertainment fields as they fail to adapt to professional demands.
Can get rejected by partner who find them annoying or boring.

Sun in Mercury (Budha) Navamsa (Gemini and Virgo) : Very well read in literature, poetry, science. Can be a research scholar but personal failure as they cannot lack financial discipline.
Huge social circle but most of them prove useless when needed.
Health issues related to breathing can be chronic.
Debts can haunt them if Sun and Mercury are in bad house from Navamsa Lagna.

Sun in Saturn (Sani) Navamsa (Capricorn and Aquarius) : Physically weak, disease prone, bad relations, defeat in many aspects of life.
No support from father or ancestors. Comes from a troubled or struggling family.

Sun in Mars (Kuja) Navamsa (Aries and Scorpio) : Physically strong, disciplined but frequently down by injuries and wounds.
Need to stay away from forest adventures, wild life etc.
Can be an investigator, detective, police or armed person. Badly placed Mars can lead to secret life like agents in other countries, robbers.

Sun in Jupiter (Guru) Navamsa (Sagittarius and Pisces) : Will be truthful and subdue his enemies.
Very well versed in ancient scriptures and try to follow religious practices.
Have great control over senses and enjoy respect and happiness in society.

Sun in Moon (Chandra) Navamsa (Cancer) : They will be skilfull and are good managers, financial advisors.
Health can be weak due to irregular diet, laziness and insomnia.
Will be liked by their boss and remains in one job for longer periods.

Sun in different houses from Navamsa Lagna (D-9 chart)

Sun in 1st house of Navamsa : Good health, great morale, optimistic mind and ambitious.
Ego and self esteem is high. Native choses life partner from powerful and wealthy family.
They can be self centered, sharp toungued and think only about themselves. They develop enemies due to their competitive nature and success.
These qualities apply when Sun is in own navamsa or any navamsa house owned by Mars, Jupiter.
In Moon and Mercury navamsa houses, it loses some of its positive strength. In Venus and Saturn navamsa houses, it acts pessimistic.

Sun in 2nd house of Navamsa : Positively placed Sun increases social circle, power, position and wealth after marriage.
Can inherit great wealth from mother or siblings.
Elder sibling gets benefited.
Badly placed Sun can also bless you with wealth but also bring legal issues, bank frauds and disputes with relatives.
Impatience and pride can lead to permanant damage of relations.

Sun in 3rd house of Navamsa : Positively placed Sun brings creativity, talent, courage and leadership.
Native gains from government and in-laws during their middle-age.
Though in-laws support them, their spouse makes married life dull and unhappy.

Sun in 4th house of Navamsa : Native gets authoritative and dominate in relationships. This triggers constant ego clashes, but professional life will be good.
They love to live in a huge house with a unique architecture.
Native wants to be liked by all and while growing up, they would do anything to be liked by others.
This fetches them good name as service oriented and of helpful nature but they fail to recognize jealous enemies around.

Sun in 5th house of Navamsa : They are highly conscious about looks, social reputation and health.
Also interested in history, politics.
Can develop skills in music, holistic medicine like ayurveda, yoga.
Their professional life will be good in late 50s.
They lack basic intelligence in judging or selecting life partner. This will create trouble in marriage during early years and also later.
Their partner, lover and children cause embarrassment.

Sun in 6th house of Navamsa : Victory over enemies and good health.
Childhood glories can bulge ego but also bring respect in society.
Can be a charismatic political leader with mass following.
On the negative side, this also leads to multiple heart breaks, broken relations and finally leading to arranged marriage.
Frequent quarrels with spouse, in-laws, maternal uncles and grandparents.

Sun in 7th house of Navamsa : Spouse dominates your profession and controls how you are treated in society.
Positive sun brings extensive travel, exploring new places and trying exotic things in life. Partner can be from distant land.
If Sun is in moon or saturn navamsa (cancer, capricorn or aquarius), spouse will subdue your emotions.
Sun in Gemini or Libra makes spouse rude, arrogant and violent.
If Sun and 7th house lord (of D-1 or D-9) are in same navamsa, in-laws or parents can support to some extent to deal with marital issues.

Sun in 8h house of Navamsa : Native lacks financial security and can marry to achieve it.
They have hidden political connections and can run businesses of others.
Leadership qualities and latent.
This is not good placement for marital life.
Sun also leads to injuries, accidents and cowardice.
They can be challenged by uniformed people. Mars and Saturn conjunct or aspect this Sun leads to obstacles.

Sun in 9h house of Navamsa : They will keep on learning new things.
Sun blesses native with creative talent in literature, art and music.
Their interest in ancient scriptures, philosophy, astrology, medicine, yoga lead them to good fame and position in society.
They meet a strong spiritual guru and surrender to them.
Most of them follow religious rites and get more philosophical after marriage.
They hail from a family of rich tradition and history.
Their leadership qualities can remain dormant for most part of their life and only get exposed in crisis situations.
They prefer being alone while working on their skills.

Sun in 10th house of Navamsa : Many can work for government and make fortune from it.
Anyone who meets them builds faith and trust.
Can also chose medical career and become popular.
Married life is good and blissful.
Sun sharing navamsa house with malefics like Saturn or Rahu leads to native faking political influence and wealth.
It also leads to huge losses in business.

Sun in 11th house of Navamsa : Although 11th is house of gains, Sun makes native the lone bread winner in family.
In few situations, even in-laws can be dependent of your income.
Spouse comes from a poor family if Sun is weakly placed and conjunct malefics.
Will have huge friends circle but many try to use or cheat you and after middle-age, only selected persons remain in your life.
Malefics sharing same navamsa can block your professional growth and limit to low income, despite being qualified and skilled to earn more.
They are devoted to their children but this can end up with disappointments if malefics influence Sun.
Also marital life causes them to struggle in profession and lose reputation in society.

Sun in 12th house of Navamsa : Powerful Sun here can make natives become a hugely popular spiritual guru in foreign land.
Marriage can happen outside their religion or country and live abroad.
Poorly aspected or placed Sun can lead to emotional separation from father.
Inheritance can lead to legal disputes. Marriage can lead to separation from parents and siblings.
Few will be giving up their own goals and taking up family burden due to absence or negligence of a parent.