Diseases and Planets – Connections

planets diseases medical astrologyThere are two types of diseases :

1. Physical Diseases : Fever, Headache, Bodyaches,Cold, Pain in joints, weak nerves,Blood pressure, Diabetes, Acidity, Cancer, Flu etc.

2. Mental Diseases : Depression, Fear, Insomnia, Any emotion in excess, Restlessness, Wavering thoughts, uncontrollable sexual desires, Grudge etc.

Sun effects ours body a lot and if someone has weak sun in their natal charts or afflicted sun or when sun is moving in 1,2,4,7,8,12 houses from moon sign, one suffers from physical ailments.
Moon effects our mind and a weak or afflicted moon can cause all sorts of mental problems and also physical diseases.

These planets when weak or afflicted can cause following diseases :

Sun : High temperature, eyesight, sunstroke, dehydration, headaches, heart diseases, Excess hunger

Moon : Cold, Phlegm, Asthma, Distress, Insomnia, Weak Left eye, Breasts and womb effected.

Mars : Wounds, Scars, excess heat, defective genitals, excessive hormones, muscular pains and all blood related diseases.

Mercury : Weak nerves, Insomnia, Doubt, Fat, Loss of memory, Neck, mouth, ears and Backbone problems, Impotency etc.

Jupiter : Excess Fat, Diabetes, Phlegm, Liver problems, Blood pressure, urinary defects, Cancer, Gas trouble.

Venus : Sexual diseases, Poisoning, Excess alcoholism, Skin problems, tonsels, diabetes, weak kidneys, eye sight etc.

Saturn : Anemia, Cold, Cough, Constipation, Weak Joints, Excess Tobacco need, Breathing problems, Loss of weight etc.

Moon, when afflicted by saturn can cause depression, harsh speech, bad choice of love partner, broken relations etc.
When afflicted by Mars can cause fertility and menstrual problems in women, violent nature, uncontrolled aggression, stupidity etc.
When afflicted by Sun (born close to newmoon day) can cause weak mind, indecisiveness, lack of self respect etc
When afflicted by Shadow planet like Rahu or Ketu can cause suicide tendencies, detachment from worldy affairs.