Horscope study of Lord Rama

Let us examine and study the horoscope of Lord Sri Ramachandra, worshipped by all of us as PURUSHOTHAMA (worthy person with all the BEST qualities).  His mission in his life (avathara) was Parithraanaya Sadhunam, vinasayacha dushkrutham, dharma-samsthapana arthaaya smabhavaami yuge, yuge = To protect the virtuous persons, to destroy sinners, evil doers, devils and demons; and to establish dharma (righteousness) in this world (Bhagavad-geetha sloka = Sanskrit verse).

This chart is prepared based on the descriptions written by Maharshi Valmiki, the original author of Ramayana in Sanskrit about the birth of Sri Rama. This is a very rare chart; this chart clearly shows Lord Sri Rama as an exemplary and a role-model (true hero) for mankind. Sri Rama is deemed to be the incarnation (Avatar) of God Sri Maha Vishnu. Place of birth : Ayodhya. Year : Sri Prabhava. Month: Chaithra. Day : Sudda Navami. Birth Star : Punarvasu. Maharshi Veda Vyasa in his Adyatma Ramayana described Bhagavan Sri Rama’s birth time in these slokas (Sanskrit verses)

Madhu maase, sithe pakshe, Navamyaam, Karkate subhe, Punarvas nakshathra sahithe, utchasthe graha-pamchake ! Mesahm Pooshani samprapthe, pushpavrushti samakule, aviraasee Jagannaatha, Parama-atmaa, sanaathanaha = During the Spring season of Vasantha-ruthu (madhumaase means Chaithra month; in April), Sukla paksha (waxing Moon), Navami thithi (9 th day after new-moon), in Karkaataka lagna (Cancer is birth house; ascendant) . in Punarvasu star (Moon is in Punarvasu star in Cancer; so Cancer is also Indu-lagna; Cancer is own house for Moon) when 5 planets were in exaltation and when Sun was in Mesha (Aries) Bhagavan Sri Jagannaath (the Supreme Lord of Universe was born; then sweet-scented flowers rained profusely for one muhurtha (duration of 12 minutes) from the sky on the castle where Sri Rama was born. The time of birth was described based on Lunar System of Vedic astrology. Sun stays in Aries during Mesha month (roughly from April—14 to May—14 ) of every year.
























Sun is in Aries & is exalted. Moon is in cancer in his own house. Jupiter is in cancer & is exalted. Saturn is in Libra & is exalted. Mars is in Capricorn & is exalted. Venus is in Pisces & is exalted.

Rahu is in Sagittarius and Ketu is in Gemini. So all these planets possess the highest positional strengths. So among the Pancha- Maha-Purusha-yogas, three yogas, Ruchaka, Hamsa, Shashaka, are found in this natal chart

  1. Gaja-Kesari yoga : Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer (own house of Moon) causes strong Gaja-Kesari yoga. Gaja-kesari yogoyam Chandra-kendre Bruhaspathihi; Gaja-kesari yoga sanjatho, subha-yogam, satham aayu praapthihi. Moon in own house & Jupiter exalted; very strong. Highly beneficial.
  2. Chandra-Mangala yoga : Moon and Mars in opposition (7 th); Mars exalted. Chandra-Jeeva samayoge, Chandra-Mangala yogamuchyathe; tha-ubhau paripoorna-yoga-kaaraku; thath dvaya paaka kaaleshu paripoorna sukhapradaua raja-yoga and is highly beneficial.
  3. Mercury is in Labham (11 th) in friend’s (mithra) house. Highly beneficial.
  4. Nabhaschara pancha nija-ucha samsthaha, yasya prasuthau, nathu saarvabhuoma, sarva-jana poojitha = Five planets are exalted in a chart, the native shall be a great and powerful emperor with all noble qualities of head and heart and is adored by all the people in the world.
  5. Sath-budhi, vahana, dhana agamanaani , bhoova, prasada, sutha soukhya, samanvithaani , saadhu paropakara karanam, mani bhooshanani meshurabe, dina-mani, kurthena raanam = Sun – occupies the medium coeli; the 10th house from the ascendant or lagna. Sun is in Aries exalted (utch) and gets the digbala or the directional strength fully in that position. This makes the 10th house to be very strong. This is a sure combination for a great fame, valour, strength endowing a very powerful chakravarti yoga – a combination for becoming a great and powerful emperor. This is magnified as the kshatriya (warfare) planet Sun is the lord of 2 nd house (dhana-sthanam), Leo, bestowing immense wealth. Also Sun gives good sons and happiness due to worthy sons, and helping nature to good-natured persons.
  6. Lagne, lagne-esae, Chandranaam subhatve, thanoo pushtimaan, sundaro, bhogavanschaiva, varchasva ganikatho narahaa = Moon – occupies birth-lagna; Cancer is her own house. Moon is the queen of planets, bestows a strong-built physique and a courteous and noble mind. Moon makes the person very lovable to all. The Lagna lord is in Lagna itself; this is a great strength to the horoscope indicating a great personality of kind, generous and helping (saranagatha–vatsala) nature. But this also gives sensitiveness and sentimental quality to the native.
  7. Mars is exalted in Capricorn ; this undoubtedly makes the person the best of his kind in marshal arts. This red planet of war makes him a conqueror and win every battle he fights. Bhoume, kalathre,—-, uche, bala-samyuthe, thasmin viraho paapavasapi = Mars, occupying the 7th(spouse) house, causes separation–sorrows from his wife, whole of his life! Mars being an aggressive malefic in troublesome opposition for Cancer, Lagnam (Ascendant), spoiled happiness in his married life.
  8. Labha-sthitue Soumya, — vitha-parayanascha, silpe-anurakthaha, bahu-karma-kartha, ddergha aayu, arogya dhaha-anvithascha = Mercury – is the key planet of intelligence; it occupies a friendly sign of Taurus in Laabham (11th house). This gives the person a good grasp of the world and situations; a great wit and capability in politics required for a great ruler / king. This enables him to take a quick and right decision at proper time. Sri Rama, the incarnation of God Sri Maha Vishnu, this vaishnava (pertaining to Lord Vishnu) planet was of great help, as it stays in 11th, the house of help and friends ( Sugreeva, Hanuman, Vibhishanaa). Again, this same benefic planet is the tricky one which brought disaster in his life! Mercury being an enemy of lagna lord Moon, stays in 11th, the baadhaka (troublesome) place for the Cancer ascendant. He is the lord of Vyaya-sthana (house of loss; 12th house) and sodara-sthana brothers (3rd house) and so the native had to cede his kingdom to his brother Bharata. At the same time, he had to be in exile for 14 long years. During the main–period of Mercury , Sri Rama accomplished many difficult tasks; fought battles and wars; destroyed demons (raakshasas); His wife Sita Devi was kidnapped, he had to go through hard times in forest encountering demons, during this Budha-dasa period. He even had to cross the sea to get back his wife, killing Ravana, the kidnapper. Thus the 90% of great incidents / actions in Ramayana occurred during these 14 years, when the Maha dasa (main period) of Mercury was in progress for 17 years! It is surprising, this planet which is not so strong in the chart molded his main life and career! This is a peculiarity.
  9. Vividha sasthra rahasya vichakshana, sukha-jeevana, punya samanvithaha, savala vallabha-vandhya, su-charithravaan, bhavathi deva-gurua thanu-gehe = Jupiter – The great preceptor planet which rules all kinds of learning and knowledge is at his exaltation, giving Sri Rama a vast and deep knowledge in many branches. Jupiter is in birth Lagnam (ascendant; also thanu-bhaavam). This is the planet which makes him well-known and adored for his virtues like keeping his promises, protecting the dharma (justice), monogamy, love towards all; and destroying the bad, evil and sin. Again Jupiter is with Moon, the house lord, also forming a classical Maharaja yoga, Gaja-Kesari Yoga. This is a great combination for fame and wealth earned by one’s good virtues and is also a strong chakravarti(Emperor) Yoga. Jupiter gives him proficiency in Vedic knowledge and justice. Above all, this planet makes him simple but right in his behaviour, thus contributing to most of the ‘right morals’ or MARYAADA of the person.
  10. Vimala theertha-ratho, muditha-sada, suravara, dvija bhakthi yutha, suchihi, nija bhja aarjitha bhagya mahotstho,, bhavathi dharma gathe, bhruguje naraha = Venus is in bhagya-sthanam (9th house), the place of fortune. Venus is exalted and is connected to wealth, luxury, happiness, good fortune and pleasures, crowned him an Emperor! Also he has great respect to devathas (deities) and brahmins and scholars and maharishis. But, Venus is enemy of Lagna-lord Moon, and a baadhaka (trouble-giver) for Cancer ascendant. So Venus caused turmoil in his life with respect to his WIFE, Smt. Sita Devi. Sri Rama’s real problems started after his marriage; and his noble and good natured and very beautiful wife became the cause for his troubles when in exile. It is obvious that the person derived very less happiness from his wife. All these can be attributed to Venus – the kalatra kaaraka (significator of spouse). Yet, Venus is in a good place and strong and so the person possessed strong and pious morals and adhered to monogamy. Since 9 th house also represents father, he had to suffer early death of his father, King Dasaratha.
  11. Bandhu-sthithe Bhanu-suthe, narnaam jathasya, nashtaha, kramrohi, bandhanaaha, sthree, puthra gehe, artha-vinasakasancha, sthanatha yathi sukhna-heenaha = Saturn – occupied, the 4th house (Kendra; quadrant), Libra; it is his exalted house.. This is a very powerful combination in making Sri Rama an emperor or the ruler of people. This makes the person very popular for ever. Strong Saturn made him possess an excellent knowledge of (sastras) weapons and (asthras) magic missiles. It is Saturn who gave the Sir Rama a good endurance, saintly behaviour and non-materialistic austere mentality. But Saturn is inimical to Moon and rules Capricorn, the 7th house representing materialistic concept of SPOUSE. He also rules the 8th house (randhra) causing many troubles. So, Saturn caused the separation of Sri Rama from his wife for a long time and caused a lot of troubles before their re-union. Dharma-Karma-adhipa ava-yoga (here).
  12. Rahu-Kethu: Both Rahu and Ketu are exalted; Rahu is in 6 th house (Sathru-sthaanam), in Saggitarius causes what is known as Kodanda Rahu Yoga, a combination which bestows success over enemy, but also causes worst difficulties from his enemies.. This also causes fear of serpents; if carefully examined, there is an event during war where Sri Rama suffers from S arpa–astra or the Serpent missile shot by Indrajit, the demon Prince. Kethu, the planet of Moksha is in 12th, the house of moksha or the salvation, assuring that Lord Sri Rama was a divine person. Sri Rama entered River S arayu to attain salvation (avatara-samapthi), after achieving his goals in this world.
  13. CURSE OF A BRAHMIN: Jupiter denotes Brahmins highly learned in Vedas and religious scriptures like jyothisha (astrology) and spiritual person and prisests who perform poojas and abhishekams and other ritual daily for many years. Afflication of Jupiter by Sarutn (10 th drushti on lagna and Jupiter) and Mars (7 th drushti on lagna and Jupiter) indicates the curse of a Brahmin in the previous or present births. A Brahmin may also fulfill the curse of a Brahmin; naturally the later Brahmin will be of very bad temperament and nature.
  14. Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu was cursed by a Brahmin Maharshi to suffer separation of wife for many years. This curse was realized during the incarnation of Bhagavan Sri Rama, In spite of the excellent chakravarthi-yogas in the Rasi chart, Sri Rama suffered hurdles which stopped his coronation function by his father; due to malefic aspect (7 th drushti) of Saturn on 10 th house (Rajya-sthanam), he had to undergo 14 years aranya-vasa (stay in forests) and suffer hell of troubles with his family during the Budha period.
  15. In spite of the excellent chakravarthi-yogas in the Rasi chart, Sri Rama suffered hurdles which stopped his coronation function by his father; due to the malefic aspect of Saturn (7 th drushti) on the 10 th house (Rajya sthanam). Sri Rama had to undergo 14 years aranya-vasa (stay in forests) and to suffer hell of troubles with his family during this malefic period of Mercury (Budha). Thus the presence of a curse can ruin the effects Chakravathi-yogas (Beneficial effects of a great Emperor). Jupiter and birth-lagna together are aspected by Saturn and Mars indicate this curse of a Brahmin on Bhagavan Sri Rama. Jupiter in Thanu-Bhava (in birth-lagna), Sri Rama experienced this suffering. The houses owned by Saturn indicate the problem aspect; here marriage and or married life. Here Saturn is the lord of 7 th and 8 th houses; the 7 th house is additionally marred by the presence of Mars (malefic). Great and mighty King Ravana abducted Sri Rama’s wife, Smt. Sita Devi. Both Sri Rama and Smt. Sita experienced unimaginable suffering during that period of their separation. Finally their ordeal ended with the death of Demon King Ravana. King Ravana was a Brahmin by birth; he was a great devotee of Lord Siva and got many boons from him. He did Siva abhishekam and archana daily; he also did all the religious rituals to be done by a Brahmin like Sandhya-vandanam and Surya-namaskarams and tarpanas to Lord Surya and other deities like Sri Gayathri Devi, regularly thrice a day; thus he earned strong divine powers. Just like a drop of poison in a pot of whole milk makes the whole milk poisonous, all the great pious karmas done by King Ravana became useless and non-effective and caused his death. But his one sinful karma of abducting Sri Sita Devi caused his destruction. This is the most valuable lesson every wise person must learn, namely, “Even a single misdeed can ruin all the virtues of a person and lead him to peril”. Bhagavan Sri Rama worshipped Bhagavan Sri Siva at Rameswaram; he was redeemed from the curse of a Brahamin (King Ravana) by Bhagavan Siva’s grace.
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