Rohini Nakshatra born characteristics and features

Rohini NakshatraRohini 10-00′ to 23-20′ Taurus.
General Characteristics: Emphasis on spiritual liberation, truthful, not covetous, clean in habits, sweet of speech, firm of views and good looking.
Translation: The red one.
Symbol: An ox cart/chariot.
Animal symbol: A male serpent – spiritual power and wisdom.
Ruling planet: Moon.
Nature: Manushya (human).
Names Starting With : O, vA, vee, vU
Presiding deity: Brahma – creator of the universe.

Male Natives of Rohini Nakshatra

Physical Features : He is normally of slim physique. However, based on other planetary positions and aspects, short structured and fatty persons have also been seen. His eyes are very attractive with a special magnetic touch. Appearance is very beautiful and attractive, big shoulder and well developed muscles.

Character and general events : He is short tempered. Once he gets angry, it will not subside so easily, and nobody can change his decision. He becomes extremely obstinate if some one attempts to over-ride his opinions or thwart his plans. He remains oblivious to any advice or ideas counter to his own.

He has special knack to find faults of others. Whereas, he cannot work with a fixed aim. He is ruled by his heart rather than his brain. While he is ready to sacrifice everything for his loved ones, he will not hesitate to cause extreme trouble to the hated. He feels impressed upon his own work.

Acceptance of the truth and discard of the false is his plus point. His life is full of ups and downs as he does not try to pre-plan his objectives. He can attain great success in his life provided a little restraint is kept in the freedom of his mind. There is no tomorrow for him. He spends everything for today’s comfort.

Education, sources of earning / profession : As far as possible he tries to be more sincere and honest in all the work he undertakes. But he lacks patience and forgiveness. He tries to be jack off all arts and in the process he fails to pass through the path of requisite rhythm and system.

His freedom of mind will quite often lead him to the downfall. It is also seen that some Rohini born persons have risen from the lowest rung of life due to the finest placements of other planets.

He may earn from milk products, sugarcane or as a Chemical Engineer. He is best adapted for mechanical or laborious work.

Periods between the age of 18 years and 36 years will be the most trial some periods. He will have to face a lot of problems economically, socially and on health grounds. It is often noticed that such people enjoy their life’s best between the age of 38 years and 50 years and 65 years and 75 years of age. One of the primary factors to be born in mind is that he should never take anybody into confidence.. He has to be extra careful in his business partners and employees. There is an inherent drawback in him that he blindly believe others. For a happy existence, it is suggested that he should screen the persons thoroughly before confidence is bestowed on such persons.

Family life : While he cannot enjoy full benefit from his father, he will be more attached to his mother and maternal uncle or maternal things. He will not hesitate to throw away any social or religious laws when warranted for. Hence his married life will be marred with disturbances.

Health : He is prone to diseases connected with blood, blood cancer, jaundice, urinary disorders, blood sugar, tuberculosis, respiratory problems, paralysis and throat trouble.

Female Natives of Rohini Nakshatra

Physical Features : She is beautiful. Her eyes are very attractive. She is of medium height and fair complexion.

Character and general events : She is well behaved and well dressed. she shows a lot of pomp and show but at the same time she has a a very weak heart. Like the males, females born in Rohini, are also short tempered and invite troubles. She is practical, secretive and violent when instigated.

Education, sources of earnings / profession : She possess inherent aptitude for any work entrusted to her or done by her. She earns from oils, milk, hotels, paddy fields and as a dress maker. Middle level education is indicated for her.

Family life : Her family life will be good. She will have the comfort of her husband and children in full. She must curb the tendency of stubbornness for a harmonial married life. She must avoid doubting her own husband as otherwise marriage may end in divorce.

Health : Her health will generally be good. She will have pain in the legs and feet, pain in the breast, sometimes breast cancer, irregular menses and sore throat, pimples and swelling above the neck.

Positive Traits: Lovely appearance, charismatic, good communicator and listener, attractive, inner strength, affects others, strong public life, gentle manner, comforting, truthful, moral orientation, smooth talker, sharp, balanced mind, fixed in purpose, well educated, does well financially, dutiful to the family, responsible, helps others, gifted in the arts, healthy, non-envious.

Negative Traits: Indulgent, materialistic, takes advantage of others through manipulation and deception, sexually or sensually indulgent, critical of others, possessive of individuals or ideology, jealous, overly sensitive, changeable, addictive and indecisive.

Career Interests: Politics, authority positions, agriculture, real estate, restaurant and hotel business, fashion designers, models and musicians.

Compatibility and Incompatibility: Mrigasira Nakshatra symbolized by the creative source of a female snake is the most compatible Nakshatra with regard to Rohini. Uttara Aashada Nakshatra symbolized by the ‘yoni‘ of male mongoose happens to be the most non compatible Nakshatra with regard to Rohini Nakshatra.
Ashwini and Bharani Nakshatras along with their female counterparts in Revathi and Satabishsa are compatible with Rohini Nakshatra. As a nakshatra symbolized by the ‘yoni‘ of snake, it is neutral to male and female counterparts of tiger. Apart from its compatibility to the mentioned ones and neutrality to Visakha and Chitra, Rohini is inimical or incompatible to the remaining birth stars.