Transit Saturn through Natal Houses

Saturn transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Saturn was placed in Libra in your personal horoscope, then Saturn transit through that sign (Libra) is called Transit Saturn through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Saturn transits Capricorn, it is Transit Saturn through Natal 4th House.

Transit Saturn through Natal 1st House : Increased responsibilities, introspection, raised consciousness are highlighted during this transit.
Prior to this, you might have been busy interacting with others for 15 years but now is the time to think what is going on inside you.
Future success depends on introspection of past. Excess introspection can lead to failures though.
There can be feeling of tiredness, self centered attitude which can lead to noncooperation from others.
Afflicted Saturn here can bring lack of self confidence, ill health, poor digestion and loss of apetite.

Transit Saturn through Natal 2nd House : More efforts to achieve financial security and business expansion are key here.
There will be pressure and that needs to be handled with organisational skills and mental strength.
Wealth will be acquired with hard work only. Few delays in money matters will teach you how to handle similar situations in future.
Afflicted Saturn indicates financial losses, quarrels with mother, family, friends and neighbours.

Transit Saturn through Natal 3rd House : You will invest time in serious study and research. Publications, writings etc.
People around you will discourage and cause depression. You will work hard but remain conservative. Increased responsibilities towards siblings, neighbours and friends will weigh you down.
Afflicted Saturn is prone to negative thinking, pessimism and all efforts proving to be futile.
Conflicts with siblings, neighbours and delays in realizing your goal will cause frustration.

Transit Saturn through Natal 4th House : More responsibilities at home and problems should be solved with patience. You need to make serious effort to acheive domestic security. An old or disabled person needs your care and attention. Do.mestic environment interferes with job responsibilities.
Afflicted Saturn makes you depressed and despondent.

Transit Saturn through Natal 5th House : Responsibilities towards children, losses in speculation, stability in romantic affairs characterize this transit.
Increased responsibilites in existing relations will lead to lack of new romantic affairs. Children will acquire good education and discipline.
Old romantic ties will reignite.
Afflicted Saturn will lead to financial losses, breakups in relations.

Transit Saturn through Natal 6th House : More work and strain are highlighted. You will toil hard to secure future. Though you are good at work, income will not be satisfactory.
Rewarding period for those in medical field and health care.
Afflicted Saturn indicates hazards in occuptation, ill-health, indigestion, troubles related to bones and knees.

Transit Saturn through Natal 7th House : Responsibilities will increase during this transit.
Others will make you aware of your rights and needs. Unmarried can get a chance to enter into matrimony.
Afflicted Saturn will cause disputes with partners, expenditures, ill-health to self or wife, sexual diseases, legal difficulties, disturbed public relations, breach of agreements among partners.

Transit Saturn through Natal 8th House : Interest in law, religion, philosophy, higher education are highlighted during this transit.
Financial problems, issues with posessions and properties will bother you. Affairs of deceased will have to be taken up.
Chronic diseases can comeback.

Transit Saturn through Natal 9th House : Your views about life can change and you may be called an orthodox or narrow minded person.
You will welcome very few changes and only those that can bring assured changes or results.
Subjects of higher consciousness will attract your attention.
Experiences during this transit will help you cope up with challenges during upcoming 10th house transit.

Transit Saturn through Natal 10th House : Ambitions to achieve professional and career growth will characterize this transit.
There will be enough challenges to make you tougher. Only if Saturn is well placed and not afflicted, professional recognition and achievements are possible.
Political success is also possible by exploiting practical aspirations of masses in an orthodox way.
Favours from elder well wishers can help achieve ambitions.
Afflicted Saturn will cause disgrace, fall from power, destruction of wealth.

Transit Saturn through Natal 11th House : Grouped and organized efforts to achieve success are key notes of this transit.
You will not believe in team work. Colleagues and friends will try to get away from you.
Success comes with partnerships and friendships with elder, matured persons only.
Afflicted Saturn causes selfishness, ulterior motives of money and status.

Transit Saturn through Natal 12th House : Danger, accident, mental agony, worries and unfruitful efforts will happen.
Involvement in secret activities is possible. Interest in meditation, mysticism and subjects of parapsychology will develop.
You will lose help of important people inspite of efforts to maintain relations.
If Saturn is afflicted, danger from secret enemies and there is possibility of imprisonment.
You may suffer due to neurotic fears, subconscious aberrations, depression, reclusiveness. Usage of underhanded methods to get your ambition fulfilled is also possible.