Transit Uranus through Natal Houses

Natal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Uranus was placed in Scorpio in your personal horoscope, then Uranus transit through that sign (Scorpio) is called Transit Uranus through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Uranus transits Pisces, it is Transit Uranus through Natal 5th House.
Transit Uranus Natal Houses

Transit Uranus through Natal 1st House : New Kind of awareness and radical changes in ego, personality are key notes during this transit.
There will be new relations, friendships and associations, while the old ones will break away.
Intuition and Clairvoyance are increased.
You will dislike retsrictions at work and would do anything for freedom. Marriage or partnership will be at stake now.
Interest grows in inner awareness, occult, science, technology.
Afflicted Uranus brings misfortune, disturbing and unexpected changes. You will become rebellious, foolish, erratic, eccentric and impractical.
Nervous system can be effected.

Transit Uranus through Natal 2nd House : Sudden and fluctuating changes in financial affairs are possible.
Your attitude towards wealth will change radically. There can be sudden financial gains and losses.
Adaption of new technology in business is possible.
Afflicted Uranus will bring sudden losses due to bad financial planning and impulsive spending.

Transit Uranus through Natal 3rd House : Intuitive thinking, original ideas and inventive ability will be expressed.
Interest in subjects like occult, science, philosophy, electronics, technology.
Sudden travel with friends is possible. You can be a good orator or science, astrology and occult.
Afflicted Uranus is prone to being stubborn, deaf to practical advice, accidents during to drink and drive, mental aberrations and nervous breakdowns.

Transit Uranus through Natal 4th House : Sudden changes at home and emotional attitude are possible.
You will expect freedom at home but will experience unexpected behaviour from family members. This will lead to your erratic behaviour.
There is possibility of death of parents, change of residence.
There can be new found interest in gardening, mining, architecture and archaeology.

Transit Uranus through Natal 5th House : Losses in speculation, original artistic expressions, seeking freedom in enjoyment are key notes.
Romantic activities will happen with friends and new associates.
Afflicted Uranus can cause pregnancy to females due to romantic infatuations. Children will show unusual and rebellious behaviour. Accidents and sickness is possible to them.

Transit Uranus through Natal 6th House : Unusual work conditions, peculiar diet and dressing habits will develop.
You will remain unsatisfied with working conditions and try to make constant changes.
People working in engineering, technology, medical field will have better time. Labour union activities, journalism, asto-medical diagnosis, occult healing, reiki are highlighted.
Afflicted Uranus can produce unstable job, health and debts.

Transit Uranus through Natal 7th House : You will link up with people of original ideas and seek freedom from non-functional relationships.
Friends and corporate affairs will prove benefic.
Afflicted Uranus leads to noncooperation of friends, breakup in relations.
Physical attraction fades away soon, making you repent decisions.

Transit Uranus through Natal 8th House : Detachment from old conditions and begining of new ones will be experienced.
You may face legal troubles, threatening situations, electrocution in Uranus is afflicted.
Interest in astrology, occult, parapsychology, tantra, reincarnation will increase. One close person will pass away during this transit.
Income will be unstable. You must avoid taking new loans and signing as surity for others.
To satisfy sexual desires, extra-marital affairs can happen.

Transit Uranus through Natal 9th House : You will be more intuitive, psychic, express occult knowledge, meet religious and spiritual people.
Attempts to understand true sense of religion and spirituality will be successful.
Knowledge in astrology and occult will increase. Higher education will be achieved in new and unusual methods.
Sudden and unexpected travels will result in exciting experiences.
Interaction with foreigners regarding exchange of spiritual ideas will lead to more exploration.
You will try to reform existing legal, religious and educational system with new ideas.
Afflicted Uranus can make you eccentric and impractical.

Transit Uranus through Natal 10th House : Original and interesting ideas about business will work in your favor.
Strong Uranus inidcats increase of authority, gains through groups and organizations.
Professional activities can be through science, technology, computers.
Astrology and occult can also be made as profession with great success for few.
Uranus in 10th house usually makes you drift from one project to another without finishing the earlier one.
You cannot stick to routine work for long time. This transit supports radical and reforming changes.
Afflicted Uranus can reverse your fortunes suddenly.

Transit Uranus through Natal 11th House : You will change social and friends circle suddenly to achieve materialistic goals.
Friendship with occult practitioners, humanitarian deeds will increase. Corporate money, government funds or bank loans will be used to grow businesses.
Afflicted Uranus makes you eccentric, selfish and pretend to be reformist or humanitarian, while working for own interests.

Transit Uranus through Natal 12th House : Subconscious stimulations and intuitive inspirations increase.
Favorable time to practice meditation. Associations with mystical societies and secret activities is possible.
If Uranus is afflicted, danger from unreliable friends and secret enemies, may suffer due to sudden disclosure of secrets and harmful acts of sympathizers.
You may suffer due to neurotic fears, subconscious aberrations, depression, reclusiveness. Usage of underhanded methods to get your ambition fulfilled is also possible.