Chaldean Numerology Alphabet Values in Numbers

chaldean numerologyAlthough Chaldean Numerology is less popular, it is found to be more accurate while deriving name values.
Chaldea is the southwest most portion of Mesopotamia, also known as Sumeria, and its capital city was Ur.
So, the Sumerian Civilization is the root behind this mystical, yet powerful numerology system, where vibrations of each alphabet are measured accurately in numbers.

According to the ‘Chaldean Book of Numbers‘, numbers represent the energies of creation. Energies that are perpetually in motion, responding to the divine order of the universe. The energetic representation of the numerical digits are considered to correspond to the planets or heavenly bodies, and more important still, to the basic primordial energies from where creation sprang forth.

From this basic principle, Numerology was used as an integrated system of identifying and timing the works of nature, the life and events of individuals and collective societies.
It should be noted, that the number Zero is not part of the Chaldean schema of Numerology.

Chaldean writings reflect that asceticism was a key element in life, and they believed that undue involvement with this world was a cause of mans suffering and pain. They consider that mans highest duty is to rise above the body, the emotions, the mind, and unite his soul with the ‘Eternal One’.

The Chaldeans believed in one Supreme God, who had 3 main archangels (similar to Paramatma who created Trimurtis and they had hierarchy of angels or gods in vedic tradition), who in turn had a hierarchy of angels who discharged specific functions in creation. Originally, they did not have a fixed name for them, as they considered them of spiritual essence, untainted by material description. In addition, they considered that the ‘Breath of Life‘ played a vital role in man’s process of spiritual transcendence.

Chaldean Numerology system is less popular, as it is not as easy to master, and the alphabet values are not in as systematic an order as the other Numerology system. The name, when analyzed under Chaldean Numerology, gives a more occult or meta¬¨physical flavor to the destiny that’s interwoven into the person’s character.
Chaldean Numerology Alphabet Values indicates the hidden forces or invisible strings at play behind the scenes.

In the Chaldean Numerology system the numbers only go from 1 to 8, and not 1 to 9 – this means the transposition of the numbers assigned to the alphabet is different than in the Pythagorean counterpart.
Check above picture for the Chaldean Numerology chart.

If your name is ANGELA, according to table above image, A=1, N=5, G=3, E=5, L=3, A=1.
1+5+3+5+3+1 = 18
1+8 = 9

In general, 18 has has bad vibrations and does not indicate growth or any success as 1(sun) and 8(saturn) do not make a good combination.
So, you should add your last name and make it sound like a good name with good total and name vibrations.

If name is KRISHNA, K=2, R=2, I=1, S=3, H=5, N=5, A=1
2+2+1+3+5+5+1 = 19
1+9 = 10
1+0 = 1

This name total of 19 is regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable. It is symbolized as “the Sun” and is called “the Prince of Heaven.” It is a number promising happiness, success, esteem and honor and promises success in one’s plan for the future.

In general, 18,26,36,38,39,62,63 have very bad vibrations.
Other than these, check for which name total has more positive vibrations for your according to your birth number (sum of birth date) and fadic or destiny number (sum of birth date, month, year) in other articles of Numerology section.

This method can also be used for Numerocartography or Numerogeography

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