Anti Aging Ayurvedic Treatment to restore Youth and Vitality

Anti Aging Ayurvedic Treatment

himalayan cedarwood oilEver wondered about the best anti aging ayurvedic treatment to restore lost youth and vitality ?
Well, many think that the opposite of depression is happiness but in reality, it is Vitality.

Youthful look and Vitality can be restored to large extent even in middle age.
There are many cosmetics and anti aging creams in market to reduce wrinkles, but those are made of chemicals and can damage your skin.
Instead of applying external creams, you need to treat your body internally and rejuvenate it.
Home made natural recipe is the best anti aging ayurvedic treatment for your entire body.
Ingredients required to make Best anti aging ayurvedic treatment recipe :

  • Cow Milk (10 ml)
  • Cow Ghee (10 gms)
  • Juice extracted from Emblic Myrobalan (Amla or Indian Gooseberry) fruit (10 ml)
  • Oil extracted from Himalayan Cedarwood tree’s bark (20 ml)

Preparation method and usage of best anti aging ayurvedic recipe

Mix above ingredients and stir well (total 50 ml)
Prepare this mixture everyday, early in the morning and drink it daily for one month without break.
In the second month, double the quantities of ingredients (total 100 ml)
In third month, double the quantities of ingredients compared to second month (total 200 ml everyday).

Benefits of best anti aging ayurvedic recipe treatment

emblic myrobalan (Amla)After first month, blood will be purified and new blood will be produced in body.
Skin will glow with radiance and Brain will work sharply.
After second month of continued treatment, tridoshas like Vaata, Pitta, Kapha in body will be balanced and eyesight will improve. Sense organs will become sharper.
After three months of nonstop usage, youth and vitality will be restored. Wrinkles on skin will be considerably reduced.
Dark circles under eyes will vanish.
Mind and body will be recharged and you will feel that your age has reversed.

This treatment can be stopped at end of third month and if necessary, can be restarted after few years of age advancement.
This is best natural treatment for those who lost vitality early due to excess involvement in sexual activities from young age, usage of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, slipped into depression, lack of motivation in life etc.