Destiny Number or Fadic Number 7

Fadic number 7
How to know your destiny number or Fadic Number ?
Add all numbers in your birthdate and derive a single number.
Example : If your date of birth is 25th june 1983, add 2+5+6+1+9+8+3 = 34,
Now add 3+4 = 7.
So your destiny(fadic) number is 7.

The Solitary Seven

Seven is the number of unconditional love, spirituality and mysticism. It is symbolized by two seven pointed stars, a triangle within a square, or as a six-pointed star within a circle with a dot in the center. In the numerological account of creation, God is believed to have used the power of the Seven’s Love to unite and preserve creation.

You are intellectual, philosophical, imaginative, solitary and psychically gifted. Seven people are usually very private though not unapproachable. You are attracted to all things mythical and mystical.

You are always seeking and searching for a deeper understanding on life, usually focusing on one or more particular areas. Yours is a most intense personality. You are one to analyze probing for hidden information. You cannot accept things at face value so you are constantly questioning, though you do not like to be questioned yourself.

You can be humble, sweet and charming .You have a habit of understanding your talents and later potentials. You are favorite of everyone. You have wide circle of friends and admirers who try to help you in case of need. Your brilliant and practical ideas have a magnetic attraction for others. You are good conversationalist, witty and lively. Though you take prompt decision, you are quite unpredictable, ever changing and are always youthful.

You emit peaceful vibration and are able to soothe people with your presence and manners. You have solutions for all problems and are good at solving disputes. Even your enemies accept your advice and suggestion. Your approach is creative, positive and rational as well as practical. You have remarkable dreams and you get ideas from your dreams. Your favorite pastime is dreaming and daydreaming. Most of your brilliant and original ideas come from your dreams. You try to learn about, interpret dreams and the subconscious and believe that some mystical powers are able to transport one into past or future.

You may travel to foreign lands and get recognition in the field of art and literature or may become diplomats. Depending upon your inclinations, which are strongly guided by your nature number, you may also be acclaimed as arbitrators, peacemakers or spiritual masters. You have a natural ability to relate facts and to size up a situation. You think things through and are not swayed by sentiment. However, you do like to work in solitude, where you have control over your environment. Sevens are often found in scientific research, libraries and bookshops. They also make good writers and music composers. Or they put their efforts into developing a spiritual practice such as psychic healing, astrology or teaching. Whatever field attracts you, you will be the expert. You are less interested in products than in concepts.

You are attractive and are surrounded by members of opposite sex .You flirt with them in your own special way. You are likely to have one or more, extramarital affair.

Key Words: serious specialist, perfectionist, elegant, superior, knowledgeable, thinker, aloof, solitary, eccentric, secretive.